Simplicity 8591, or Where my shorties at?

the pattern
Simplicity 8591 size 16 bust 38, copyright 1969 Simplicity Pattern Co. Inc.
I picked this pattern up in a thrift store about fifteen years ago. Probably paid a dollar. Which is the original full price, ha! Was eyeing the dress, but as I grew older and totally way more sophisticated, started noticing the coat.

the fabric
That big beautiful red plaid on grey with black and white flecks was originally a circle skirt. I found it at a thrift shop. I loved it, I wore it a ton. A costume designer once tried to buy it off me. Later I learned that woolen skirts are inappropes for LA weather. But loved that fabric so much. So, cut it up to make this little jacket.
The lining, button holes, and under collar are red cotton-back satin, the sleeves are lined in regular grey lining fabric because I didn’t have enough of the red. I like to use up scraps, ok?? I’m just saving the planet, is all.



what I changed from the original pattern
The length (duh). I went so short because 1. I had only as much fabric as a taken-apart circle skirt and 2. That bossy plaid demands correct matching. Plus 3. it’s cute.
I learned
Bound buttonholes. I’d never actually sewn any myself before. I’ve cut out all the bits and passed them off to a stitcher many times, but never actually had a reason to do it myself. Which is one of the great things about these little projects at home for myself: it’s a no pressure, no time-limit chance to figure stuff out.
And oh by the way, I did them wrong! They aren’t clean finished with the lining on the inside like they should be. Now I know!
sew it or throw it?
Sew it. The way the collar stands away from the neck, just hinting at portrait neckline, is super flattering. Next time I’d make the coat to its original length though. As much as I love this silly little jacket, it is almost too silly for its own good.


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