McCall’s 2366. What is it?

the pattern
McCall’s 2366, misses’ size 12, copyright 1970 The McCall Pattern Company
A friend cleaned out her sewing stuff and gave me this pattern, along with lots more patterns and a box of feathers. Aw yes.

This pattern is having an identity crisis.
According to the cover art, it’s a knit dress. The button placat, the contrast band at the neckline on View B, the t-shirt-ish sleeves, the soft shape, all of these features indicate knit.
It even says “recommended for knits” right there on the front.
However, looking at the pattern itself, the button placat is decorative, the contrast neckband is not a t-shirt neck but is actually non-stretch trim, all three neckline options are faced and interfaced, plus the dress has darts everywhere and a center back zipper. Otherwise known as: patterned and constructed like a non-stretch garment.
To continue the make-up-your-mindness, the Suggested Fabrics lists off everything from linen to knit.
It’s as if the pattern was like, “No guys, check it out, I’m totally stretch,” while secretly not believing in itself and hedging its bets.
the fabric
The orange knit was a man’s t-shirt. My man never wore it, so he gave it to me and I kept it for fabric. The t-shirt had a cover-stitched yoke detail, which ended up across the upper front collarbone area.

The grey knit was the legs from a pair of workout pants that became shorts for some tv show. It’s pieced all over the place, because it was pant legs.
what did I change from the pattern?
Got rid of all darts: bust, back neck, and back waist. Just folded them right outta there or ignored them. Eliminated the zipper. Cut both the center back and center front on the fold, and swung both pattern pieces out from the fold from zero at the top to an inch at the hem to give more of an A-line shape and more room in the hip. Widened and lowered the neckline by the width of the seam allowance. Finished the neckline like a t-shirt, with a folded band of stretch, instead of using the facing pattern provided. Didn’t bother with the patch pockets, belt carriers, or buttoned-on self fabric belt.
Plus, obviously, added that diagonal seam and the color change.
sew it or throw it?
Throw it. Great dress, but there’s basically nothing of the original pattern left in it. The sleeves are unchanged, but if I did this dress again I’d make cap sleeves and scoop out the neck even more, and then what is even the point of this pattern.
I know you’re thinking, “But Liza Mae, you annihilated all the period details! You didn’t even give this pattern a chance!” And yeah, that’s totally true, but I’m just not super hot for the original dress. So meh. Throw.


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