Simplicity 9801, Don’t try this without a belt

the pattern
Simplicity 9801 size P 12,14,16 copyright 1995 by Simplicity Pattern Co. Inc.
Dude, 1995. I wouldn’t have touched this thing with a ten foot pole in 1995. I was way too cool in 1995 for this sad sack. But by 2010 or so it was kind of looking kind of cute, at least 25 cents of yard sale cute.
What I’m trying to say is I bought this pattern at a yard sale for 25 cents.



the fabric
Some kind of synthetic. Acetate probably. I did a burn test and hooooo-ie did that mess melt. This fabric was purchased by a friend’s grandmother, probably before 1995. I wonder what the grandma had in mind when she bought it? Probably not this dress.
The fabric is a little bit sheer! But such a busy pattern that you can’t exactly see through it. But you can see sunshine through it? I have decided to not care.
what did I change from the original pattern
A lot. This dress is seriously just a giant sack. Therefor, why bother with a zipper? Got rid of the zipper, cut the back on the fold, bias bound keyhole opening at back with a button and thread-loop.
Even though the dress has a sleeveless option, the shoulders are really broad! And I don’t think it’s me! I think it’s the pattern! To fix that I made a tuck through the shoulder seams, which matches the tucks down the front.
The neckline is meant to be faced, but yuck. Bias binding instead.
Finished the armscyes with bias binding too.
Shortened it from knee length to a few inches above.
Considered taking in the side seams through the bodice to zero at the waist, as the armscyes are pretty low, but then figured nah, it’s just a nice, loose, easy dress.
sew it or throw it?
Definitely keeping this one to sew again. I love this dress. I wear it all the time. I feel kind of ladylike when I wear it, I think the jewel neckline and the fact that it requires a belt, and the way that the fabric kind of floats around the body does something interesting. It’s like, it feels more vintage than it actually is, better vintage, vintage back past the 90’s.
Or maybe that’s just the fabric talking.
This was cut at pattern size 16, might cut it a smaller size next time. Or maybe cut size 14 through the bust, 16 from the waist down.
Belt though. This dress must be belted, or else.


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