Butterick 5273 “The Apache Shirt…A New Casual Look”

Or, “The Apache Shirt…it’s not new: it’s a blouse. For men tho!”
the pattern
Butterick 5273. No copyright date. I say 1960’s. I’m super mad at Butterick for not publishing a copyright date. Patterns should have dates! I mean duh!

Let’s just talk about all the ways that this is a blouse:
All that gathering below the yoke would do a great job easing over some bazooms. Instead, there the gathering lies. Flat. Over a man-chest.
Speaking of gathering, men’s shirts typically pleat into the cuff? Gathered cuffs are generally reserved for the ladies? As they conjure up the associated words “soft”, “gentle” and, well, “blousey”?
I mean sure, we are going for a Ye Olden folky-costume-y look with this shirt, and the gathering does help achieve that look, however if you make this up in velvet or satin as the pattern suggests you’ve done lost the historical angle.
Also there’s that sash, wait, I mean “self tie belt”.
Let’s look at the cover art for a minute though, I mean, those pants! Those sandals! And the SCARF! Are we going for a French & Indian War thing with this? Man, it is so hard to talk about this pattern without veering into cultural insensitivity.
The envelope is stamped Teena’s Yardstick, Patterns Not Returnable. A quick Google shows me no existing store, so I’m left to come up with my own subtitles. Teena’s Yardtick: Do You Measure Up. Teena’s Yardstick: Present Your Knuckles. Teena’s Yardstick: Thirty-Six Inches Of Fun. Patterns Not Returnable.
I pulled out all the pattern pieces and instructions looking for a copyright date, and found this special offer!

That’s the spirit!
sew it or throw it
Throw it. Although it has brought me a lot of joy, I will never make this, so it’s time for it to move on.


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