McCall’s M6969, You can’t even see it because it’s camouflage.

the pattern
McCall’s M696, copyright 2014, The McCall Pattern Co.
Bought this one at an actual store, not in someone’s yard! But don’t worry, it was on sale. Although I do not love shopping at JoAnn’s, I totally love their iPhone app and the fact that I can check it for pattern clearance sales and schedule a couple hours to go there and sit with the pattern book and look at every page and buy everything I want because at 2 dollars a pop, why not.

I have a friend who needed a unit/romper/jumper, and I already had the fabric.

the fabric
Digital camouflage cotton rip-stop! Bought this at Michael Levine Home Fabrics in downtown LA about five years ago. I think I had a plan for it when I bought it? Maybe? Something about blending in with robots? This is a better use anyway I’m sure.

what I changed from the pattern
Friend’s requests:
-square neckline
-No buttons
-Capri length
What else I changed to make it all possible:
-Center front on fold.
-Side zipper, lapped application. That beautiful metal zipper was in my zipper collection already. I’m so in love with zipper that I saved the extra after shortening it to the correct size. It’ll trim something someday.
-Two rows of elastic at waist, to make it look more solid and functional and also to actually be more solid and functional.
-Pockets. She didn’t ask for them, but I knew she’d want them. This ended up being kind of tricky with the side zip and the elasticized waist, but what-evs, totally worked out.
See? Look how cute:



sew it or throw it
Sew It. It’s cute, it went together without any weirdness even with all the changes I made, plus that wide-legged version looks like it might be worth a shot.


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