Quick! Butterick 6521, great for Pilates teachers or similar


the pattern
Quick! Butterick 6521. No copyright date but looks pretty 80’s to me. Picked this one up at a yard sale. It is stamped Hancock Fabrics, Okla. City Oklahoma. You’re a long way from home, Quickie.
I looked all over the pattern instructions but have no idea what the Bonus Time-Saving Shortcut ™ is supposed to be.

the fabric
Friend handed me this big plastic bag full of stuff and said, “All these vintage table cloths are too stained for me to resell so I thought you might like to cut them up. Take as many as you want.” And I was like, “How about all of them.” And he was like, “Does this look like my caring face?”
This morning-glory deal had a few holes and some rust stains to cut around, no bigs.



what I changed from the pattern
The straps are black cotton twill tape and the dress is a shorter than patterned due to cutting around bad spots. Also, not enough fabric for self tie belt.
Oh! Also I didn’t bother to put in a zipper. I fell into that time-trap of, “if I skip the zipper I can wear it today!!!!!” I shouldn’t have fallen for that.
sew it or throw it
I thought this one was a Sew for sure, but now, looking at the pictures, I’m thinking it’s more of a Throw. It’s kind of….what’s that word for the opposite of flattering. For me. I’m sure there are some very lean people who would would look great in this, but for me all I see is square square square. So square. Maybe in a solid fabric, or a vertical stripe, something less horizontal.
As a sundress it fails in that it’s too exposed in the shoulder department to actually be worn in the sun. It’s like a sunburn machine. I always end up wearing something to cover up.
Wearing a coverup over a sundress is such a bummer.
I see they included a weird little jacket, maybe for that exact sunburn-machine-reason, but ew, no. Go away, weird little jacket.
So dang, it’s a Throw.


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