A Calvin Klein: Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Etc. Etc.

Girl, stop it. Now you are just showing off.


the pattern
Is a copy I made of this red Calvin Klein shirtdress that I love love love. It’s not vintage. It’s just vintage-y.
How to copy a garment —without taking it apart, of course— is one of those things they don’t teach you in costume school but that you do All The Time when you work in Hollywood.
Why would a designer want to copy an existing garment when there are such awesome, capable, good-looking patternmakers just hanging around waiting to whip up something brand new from thin air?
Well first off, Oh Go On, you big flatterer you.
Second: lots of reasons. Such as:

  1. The garment is vintage and there’s only one in the world and it is perfect in every way but doesn’t fit. (Copy it, make changes)
  2. The garment can be purchased in stores and fits perfectly but it has the wrong sleeves and is in the wrong fabric in the wrong color and we need twenty copies to shoot Monday plus three for the stunt woman who is wearing a harness and going under water, k thanks bai. (Copy it, make changes, start cutting while listening to Les Sins Don’t Bother Me, I’m Working)
  3. It’s the shirt the super-hot super-famous actor walked in wearing. He takes it off, hands it to you still warm, you copy it and return it before the fitting is over. (Copy it, realize halfway through that your seventeen year old self would totes swoon, congratulate self on how cool and jaded and sophisticated you have become, give in and go find the smelling salts and have a lie-down)

the fabric
Some kind of amazing men’s shirting that seriously never wrinkles. Those buttons are kind of goofy. The spacing, I know.
Also check out those shoes. I find them beautiful and terrifying. I never wear them. I love them. I fear them. I don’t understand them. Real talk here: I wear this dress with sneakers.


aaaaand a selfie. But mostly so you can see the open ended pleat-darts at the bust.
what I changed from the original
Shawl collar instead of notched collar. Also I had shortened and taken in the red dress to fit before copying, so those changes are repeated in the new dress. Also, Calvin did functional buttons while I lazed out and faked them. Dress has a side-zip anyway, I mean, theres no need for those buttons to be really real.
sew it or throw it
Sew it. Because I can!!!!!!


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