Simplicity 6223: better than a burlap sack. 

the pattern
Simplicity 6223, copyright 1965 Simplicity Pattern Co Inc, Miss Size 16 Bust 36
Observe: very faintly in red pencil down at the bottom, the words “fits good.”
I didn’t write that, obvs, because I can grammar.
Actually, looking more closely, the full sentence reads, “fits good, 1966, 130lbs.” Well amen, sister. At 130 pounds with some kind of magical 36″ bust, this would fit me good too. A burlap sack would also fit good, why not try that? (Seriously, who weighs 130lbs and has a 36″ bust? Busty supermodels? Ok fine, lots of normal people just not me, whatever.)

To be fair, the fit is not that bad. I took it in through the bust and should’ve raised the dropped waist, because where it is now is not the best place in the world to put a horizontal line. It’s also not great that the only place this dress fits snugly is around the hips.
But check it out:

Look at that billowing wind action! Go, skirt, go!
the fabric
A beautiful beautiful delicious sheer linen in a pale ice blue. So yummy. Of course it was a remnant and there wasnt enough, but no problem, I had this silver silk charmeuse to piece in.
Here it is in the wild, maybe 2011?

As you can see, this photo was taken with less focus on the dress and more of a feeling of, “Oh, Limelight, What Have They Done To You?”
Since the dress is totally sheer, I made a slip, and apparently stitched it up in a fit of rage. Seriously. It’s so insanely pieced. I can just hear Past Liza Mae saying, “Oh ho, fabric! you think there’s not enough of you to make a whole slip? Well I’ll show you! I’ll show you all!!!!!!!”

See? Look at that mess! That last picture is an inside view so you can see that, no, those aren’t decorative flanges, that’s a bunch of giant tucks I made and then didn’t bother to trim out or try to make look intentional or anything. And there’s like a rip or something on the inside of the neckline, wth???
You know, sometimes I think I’m a very calm and rational person, and then I see this kind of thing. Which I would only ever do to my own clothes by the way. Things for other people get sewn right.
I actually really like the slip. It’s got good lines. Poor old thing.
what did I change from the original pattern?
Aside from obvious piecing funtimes, I eliminated the back zip and cut the center back on the fold, rounded the V neckline, and bound the neckline and armseyes in self bias.
sew it or throw it?
Sew it. I like those loooooong angled bust darts, and knowing what I know now about the waist seam, I think this could become a great dress.

Ok just one more picture. Look at that sheer!!! So spooky and mysterious!!!


9 thoughts on “Simplicity 6223: better than a burlap sack. 

    1. Or maybe raise it in the back and drop it in the front? And maybe add a little to each side seam so it doesn’t grab the hips? Or maybe wear it with a belt that creates a little blouson and magically raises the waist with no change in pattern?
      So many possibilities!!!


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