McCall’s 3724, a 3-part adventure including that time I dyed


the pattern
McCall’s 3724, copyright 2002 The McCall Pattern Company
I don’t remember why or where I bought this pattern, but I do remember that McCall’s Face on pattern after pattern. Cheers to you, nameless illustrator of The McCall’s Face. Whoever your model was, I hope she loved you back.


Part 1 of the Three Part Adventure:
I made the pants. View A, no belt loops, no slit, no cuff.
what I changed from the original pattern:
– Pieced the lower legs in back, because my fabric wasn’t long enough.
– Made a fly. Why doesn’t this pattern come with a fly? Was the fly forgotten or is it really supposed to be a flyless zip? Why would anyone want a flyless zip?
Very Mysterious.
Other than the missing fly, great pants.
Here is a picture.


So then, Part 2:
The pants got bleached. Let’s not say who put them in the wrong load of laundry, let’s just say he apologized about a million times. I didn’t take any photos of the pants all bleached out, because it made both of us too sad.
Part 3:
I finally dyed. The pants.
RIT in dark brown.
Kind of funny that RIT Dye is what you use, no matter if you’re in the dye room or at home in your kitchen. RIT all the way.
I hate dyeing though. It’s so variable. Will it be right or will it be a mess? You’ll never know until the project is all finished hahhahahahaaa too bad for you sucker!!!!!!
That dye had been sitting around for months by the time I finally made myself get out the biggest pot and put it on the stove and heat the water and stir in the dye and disolve the salt and all that, with a steady monologue of, “Is this pot even big enough? This is going to be a travesty. A horrible tie-dye-looking travesty.” But it turned out ok!


sew it or throw it
Sew it. Big pants 4-ever.


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