Wedding dress project, starting with McCall’s M6893 

In a couple months I’ll maybe post a photo of a wedding dress, but only if the bride says it’s ok. She’s a friend, she’s gorgeous, it’s her world we’re just living in it.
In the meantime:
the pattern


McCall’s M6893, copyright 2014 The McCall Pattern Co.
I bought this for $2 during a sale and actually hid it from the bride until after I knew that she knew that I knew what she’s after, because girl, this cover art ain’t it.
But if you look past the flocked polka dots, it’s a good place to start.
Muslin Fittin #1 


This was straight out of the package, except the skirt, for which I used the top half of the darted short skirt version,  attached to this guy: 


McCall’s Evening Elegance 3435, copyright 2001, for the skirt length but with more flare to the center back seam to avoid that butt-cupping late 1990’s thing it’s got going on.
After Fitting #1, changed the bodice so that the waistband sits on top instead of being seamed in, because seamed doesn’t even make sense.
Plus I changed the overbodice from set-in sleeves to raglan sleeves. Afterward I needed a stiff drink. Because that mess is hard to do.
Plus changed the lines of the bodice, lowered the neckline, less sweetheart more Portrait Of Madame X, and a bunch of other little things.


There we have bodice after Muslin Fitting #2, during which we confirmed that everything was right&tight before getting into real fabric.


Gusset pattern for the overbodice, so the bride can hug. 


Marking bone placement on the flatlining. Linen.


Silk bone casing, had the perfect amount left over from another wedding dress, hells yes. So satisfying when that kind of thing works out, like good bridal karma.  


Big ol’ mess of bodice pieces pinned, rolled, ready to flatline. 

That’s it for now, wheeeee! 


5 thoughts on “Wedding dress project, starting with McCall’s M6893 

  1. Goodness that’s a mighty mashup going on, but I can already tell it’s going to be lovely. You know, I thought of you today (sorry if that sounds creepy) as I spent the day vintage shopping and saw some pattern trash and some pattern treasures …. No purchases but lots of admiration…. So many puffed sleeves and dropped waists…..


    1. SO MANY puffed sleeves and dropped waists!
      It’s funny how there are cycles in things, like in thrift stores it used to be all 80’s prom dresses, you could rely on finding racks and racks of hideous ruched purple taffeta, but now all that stuff is considered real vintage and sold in vintage stores and thrift shops are just rack after rack of early 2000’s poly-satin minimal-ish columnar bridesmaids gowns.
      The pattern box way way in the back corner of the thrift shop, though, that is now where the 80’s lives on.
      I guess it’s just that people clear out their closets more often than their sewing stuff.


    2. Oh, and about the mighty mash-up, my husband came in while I was laying out the pattern pieces and saw all the tape and repurposed paper and was like, “why did you even start with a commercial pattern?” and I was like No joke man.

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