Hand-quilting: The Best Excuse For Bad Tv

I like to make baby quilts.
I like to get the machine sewing (piecing, binding) done as quickly as possible so I can settle in for the good part: hand quilting while watching bad tv.
Bad tv, defined as: a show so lame it requires only partial concentration, a show that I want to watch but will feel like I’m wasting my life if I actually do watch, something like the entire six season run of Dawson’s Creek for example. Perfect for hand-quilting.

 The Audrey, below, with hilarious non-color-fast dupioni silk action. See how that purple band pulls in the width of the quilt? That’s because it shrunk in the wash. See how the orangey-yellow pieces are orangey-yellow? They started out spring green, but the purple dye soaked right in and turned them a whole new color. See how babies don’t care? 
The name is written out in bias tape, just a roll of black double-fold I had hanging around. Machine sewn on of course. This one was unusually machine-sew heavy for my taste. 


The Emory, below, made using a vintage table cloth. That’s my boy demonstrating how one might use this quilt while stuffing a dump truck full of bubble wrap. I should have quilted through that satin strip more heavily, just to make the texture more bumpy and fun. Oh well, next time. 


The Hazel, below, also made from a vintage table cloth. Each of the dots covers a stain or a tiny hole in the table cloth, which I really like because it felt like the quilt was choosing its own design by having that particular pattern of distress. 


So, Dawson, Joey, Pacey, Jen— thanks for providing me with hours and hours of half-entertainment. Thanks from me and from some babies. 


4 thoughts on “Hand-quilting: The Best Excuse For Bad Tv

  1. A very creative approach SIOTI – I always think of quilts as a bit ikky but you have nailed it with these. The stained table cloth is my favourite. I once made a dress from a stained table cloth (shocking pink). One of the napkins was a slanted pocket and I used hand painted velvet to create a range of pink and purple circles to be artfully placed over every stain.

    And I am curious about your boy stuffing the dumper with Rubbish. My grandson does the same day in day out. Also with slime if he can get his hands on it.


  2. Perhaps your next round of quilts can be accompanied by the new season of Fuller House, which I head about for the first time today….. I like the black bubbles and admire your love of hand sewing. I just can’t see myself ever getting to that part of sewing Xanadu….


    1. Fuller House?! That might actually be too much badness for me to handle. Ugh. I hated Full House so much. Wonder if the Olsen twins will be in the re-do though, that could be hilarious.


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