The top one is (obvs) a motorcycle jacket.
It came in to the costume shop one day for alterations, and once the work was done I drew out this diagram of all the parts, just for my own entertainment/education. Motorcycle jackets have a lot of parts, you guys.
They’re not my style (At least not in black leather. I would feel like a total poseur. Maybe in an ice-pink sweater-knit fused to a backing for stability or something..) but I think all the parts are neat, like how the zipper is not in the center but travels across to the shoulder. Why does it do that? Is it to keep the wind out? Who knows! It has it’s own motorcycle-y reasons.
The action pleats are interesting also, as they call to attention the fact that this is a garment made with a specific purpose, which is to be worn in a hunched-over position on a bike, and therefore more room is needed across the upper back.
Also I spelled epaulet wrong. Darn that old school non-auto-correcting paper. 

The second picture shows how a kilt is constructed. Drawn by my husband! He got distracted from this project by about a million others, but I kept the drawing because the birds-eye-view of the pleat arrangement totally fascinates me, and I like the little scissors he drew and how generally mysterious the whole thing looks. 

Anyway, just came across these while going through some old files and thought I’d share.


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