McCall’s 6765: A 13 Year Old Dress From A 52 Year Old Pattern

the pattern:
McCall’s 6765 Misses’ and Junior Dress With Slim Or Full Skirt And Slip, copyright 1963 by McCall Corporation.


hello, Betty

Found this pattern in a thrift shop in 1996. Was not into the dress itself as much as the slip and the idea of a big fluffy skirt with a little strapless bodice.

Which is how I eventually did it up, in 2002. For a wedding in the Rainbow Room. You know, the 65th Floor of 30 Rockefeller Center NYC. That Rainbow Room.


the fabric:  
A silk and metal organza.
Like, the warp threads are silk and the weft are metal. Or the other way around maybe. Husband had a couple yards leftover from curtains or something.
The base fabric is a peach satin acetate that I got when I was working at this costume shop in The Valley that was in this industrial park kinda thing where the business next door was a studio where they shot the covers for porn videos. They didn’t shoot the movies, just the video covers. I was new in LA at the time and thought that was pretty hilarious, like you could look out the front window at the line for the lunch truck and immediately pick out who made costumes and who worked at the other place based on body type, hair color, and depth of tan.
The photo studio had never used this fabric though, don’t worry, you guys, it was still wrapped in the paper from the fabric store.
Plus I totally had it drycleaned.



Oh and the sash is leather. 
It’s funny, looking at this dress now, you know, 13 years later, I would change a bunch of things. I’d re-shape the neckline and make a built-in corselet instead of just the boned lining, plus shorten the skirt.
It looks a lot like a vintage children’s party dress to me now, with that silly sash and the pouffy skirt.
But 13 years ago I wouldn’t have changed a thing, I had a Great Time in this dress. Received the excellent complement of “You are wearing the third best dress in this entire party.” Second best being the complimetor’s wife, and first best being the bride, of course.
Never wore the dress again though. I mean, just not much call for this level of Look.

sew it or throw it
Sew It. I could see doing it right next time, like for real doing View A or B and not just the slip.
Definitely would take the advice of the original owner on View B and “gather sides only.”



3 thoughts on “McCall’s 6765: A 13 Year Old Dress From A 52 Year Old Pattern

  1. Really fab. Would love to see what the gathered neckline looks like on a real body…. What an awesome husband to have left over silk-metallic organza just hanging about…..


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