Old&Busted meet The New Hotness, Kangaroo Edition. 


the pattern:

Never mind that re-used envelope. It’s a kangaroo! 

Ok, so the original kangaroo, there on the right, was made sometime in the 1970’s, for my husband, by his grandma. He loves this kangaroo. 

Hey, does everybody know that you can copy stuffed animals, similar to how you can copy garments? Maybe this is something that everybody already knows and totally does all the time already?

I kind of blew my own mind the day I figured that out. It’s pretty easy too: you just lay muslin on each piece of the stuffed animal, mark the grain line and trace the seams, and then transfer your pieces to paper and make sure everything matches up. And then bam. Old&Busted, meet The New Hotness. 

Original Kangaroo is actually in pretty good shape though, considering age, distance traveled, love loved, all that. I’m super impressed that Kangaroo and Joey are still together. Sometimes kangaroo toys have the baby attached by a ribbon or something, but not this guy, he’s attached by nothing but THE RIBBON OF LOVE. 

Ok just kidding about the ribbon of love. 

But maybe not just kidding. 

Holding his head up here for the picture. Neck so floppy!

Check out all those loving darns and patches. And that brown and purple color scheme, so cozy.

Also check out how both Kangaroo and Joey have gone all floppy in the neck department. Kids, man. Dragging kangaroos around by the necks all the time, shifting the batting around. 

The Joey is built kinda like a little bean bag, but actually has a tail, which I think is a super charming attention to detail.   

And here’s my copy:


the fabric:

New Kangaroo is done up in vintage wool, and silk charmeuse. Costume shop scraps. The wool was from the lining for this jacket from we made for a cowboy movie. 

Note: when you are home, home on the range: line your coat with blankets. Just, you know, speaking of cozy. 

To prevent that whole floppy neck problem, I rolled up a piece of upholstery foam into a tube to support the neck. 

I like how that one ear is floppy. Totally just happened on its own. Adds some character, like when a dog has its ear inside-out and you’re like, “haha dog, your ear is inside-out.” 

what I learned:

Don’t stuff loose-weave woolen things with feathers. Even if you have a bunch of feathers hanging around that you want to use up. Don’t do it. The feathers will work their way out, unless you flatline or interface, which I didn’t. Look how feathery she is, haha! Are you a kangaroo or are you a bird!!

Sew It Or Throw It:

Sew it. Just look at those kangaroo snuggles. D’awwwww. 


7 thoughts on “Old&Busted meet The New Hotness, Kangaroo Edition. 

    1. Ps fact of the day about kangaroos (and marsupials in general) – they can put their babies into suspended animation, so if there’s not enough feed to support the pregnancy they halt the bebe’s growth until life is better. And they can have bebe’s of different foetal stages in the pouch at the same time AND have different types of milk coming from different boobs. Freaking incredible.


  1. I just love your ‘fluffy’ kangaroo – and indeed, kangaroos often have one ear forward and one ear back (listening both ways) so it is totally reasonable for yours to appear the same!


    1. My husband was actually really touched to see his old toy made up in new fabric, although obviously the new one won’t get quite the level of use that the original got.
      Until our son is a little older, at least, at which point I’m sure he’ll drag all around by the neck just like his dad did with the original.


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