Simplicity 8300: it almost happened but then it didn’t. 

the pattern:

Simplicity 8300 Men’s Shirt, Vest, and Pants, copyright 1969 Simplicity Pattern Co. Inc. 


Ok, so: I walk around outside a lot, in the sunny sunshine, strolling my little boy in the stroller, and this is Los Angeles, and it’s late June now. The sunny sunshine is brutal already. I wear a ton of sunscreen and a giant hat, because you gotta keep the sun off your money-maker am I right ladies, but I need more. 

What I need is a big, light, sheer-ish, long-sleeve cotton shirt. Something I can throw on over whatever as I leave the house, that’ll protect my shoulders and cover my wrists but let the breeze just breeze on through. Something like a big ol’ vintage western man-shirt. Something like Simplicity 8300, which I dug out of my pattern chaos and was delighted to see is also from Teena’s Yardstick. 

Teena’s Yardstick: Look Out Mens, it’s Inseam Day. 

the fabric: 

Oh, friends. The power of wishful thinking. 

I have this blue and white gingham. It’s light, it’s airy, it’s semi-sheer. I have enough of it. I need it to be a natural fiber, to facilitate the previously mentioned breeze being able to breeze on through. It must be a natural fiber. I WILL IT to be a natural fiber. But I have to know for sure, so:

I snip off a corner and hold it to a match, thinking, “It’s cotton. Burn testing makes cotton smell like burning paper. And cotton self extinguishes. It self extinguishes….any minute now…it’ll just go ahead…and self extinguish itself….any old minute here…

Meanwhile: Flames! Raging happier and higher until I burn test my own fingers while putting out the evil smelling, black-shiny-bead-creating inferno, and am forced to admit what has been obvious since the moment match met swatch: this gingham is some kind of synthetic blend, and therefor inapropes for my shirt project. 

Oh also, wool is the one that self-extinguishes, not cotton. So there, me. 

Sew It Or Throw It:

Neither. Throwing both these fish back into the sea. Continuing with the sunscreen and hat wearing. 

P.S. Yes. Floral pants on View 3 Cowboy there. Yep. Yeeeehaw. 


4 thoughts on “Simplicity 8300: it almost happened but then it didn’t. 

  1. I like the idea of a cool, breezy over blouse, although we rarely get the weather for it. And I love the floral cowboy trousers – such feminised colours, fabrics and bows – and yet such a masculine look! Woo Hoo!


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