An Organizational Report and a Where Are They Now

First the organization:
Used to be, I kept my patterns all in a few clear plastic tubs, all jumbled together. Safe from the elements, but not even slightly organized. Any time I wanted a particular pattern I’d have to rummage through all of the boxes to find it, which wasn’t as obnoxious as it sounds because I really like looking at all my patterns, but recently I started wanting to know what all is actually in there anyway, so after some sorting and counting, and the results are:
155 patterns.
Not counting the ones I’ve already posted about; the Sew It group has a box, and the Throw It pile is slowly growing while I figure out what to do with it.
The remainder breakdown is:
58 dresses — which now occupy their own clear plastic tub,
10 combo packs — you know, those patterns that have a sort of Total Look thing going on, like top pants jacket dress and bathing suit all based around the same design. The combo packs I have are mainly from the 1960’s and 70’s. Makes me wonder if combo packs were a trend in home sewing during that time, or if my sample is skewed. This idea is attractive to me in theory, like packing for a vacation where you only bring six garments but everything magically goes with everything else, but I kinda can’t imagine sewing more than one or two garments from any given pack. More like an “I like the shirt, but those elastic-waist pants are never ever ever happening,” type situation.
4 patterns for dog clothing. I don’t have a dog.
7 pants, but 23 skirts
6 mens
2 sleepwear
buncha other stuff blah blah blah

Moving on to the Where Are They Now portion of the evening:
The shortie plaid jacket is in my closet, not getting worn (because summer) but making me smile whenever I see it.
I wear the little sleeveless dress any time I need to look medium-nice. Not fancy-nice, but better than average. Like, Nice 3 through 7 on a scale of 1-10.
The orange and grey number has pretty much become a housedress, totally due to my own changes to the original. Shoulda changed more things! Poor old dress, it really needs an even more open neckline and cute-r, shorter sleeves to balance it’s otherwise shapelessness.
The upholstery snake has become a favorite toy and has been dragged all over the house and even outside, which earns it many trips to the washing machine, which is a level of love it was not built to withstand. Basically, I’m glad I got that photo of that thing back when Snake was cute, because he is looking way worse for the wear these days.
This romper could be anywhere right now!!! (Camoflage jokes never get old!)
This dress from Butterick 6521 is in the bag of stuff to go to the thrift shop. I put it in there to see if I’d regret it and want it back, and I have not.
I wear the chambray version of Simplicity 5549 a lot more than I ever expected to, so that’s a nice surprise. The red one and the black one look best with tights, so I won’t even look at those guys for another five months or so.
Calvin is not getting a lot of wear right now for that same tights reason.
I guess I’m taking a break from this guy, maybe because pale linen isn’t an ideal situation for hanging out with a two-year-old.
It’s too hot for pants, but I still love you, McCall’s 3724.
He wore this shirt today!
Gave this dress to my sister, and she looks great in it. 
Most satisfying of all, I just wore the sari shirt to a wedding, where the bride was looking super awesome in the dress I mentioned way way way back here. Ahhhhhh sigh of relief and congratulatory back-pat. Wedding dress post to come woooooooooo.


4 thoughts on “An Organizational Report and a Where Are They Now

  1. Thats a success rate to be proud of I think….I can’t stop buying vintage patterns, even if there’s little chance I’ll make them up. When they’re only a dollar or two each I feel like I’m saving them from op shop purgatory… So my collection expands…. Like the universe really.


  2. Very funny and very true. I finally threw out all the s18 patterns and the double breasted looks, and the very poufy 1950s numbers and anything with a great big sailors collar (I had three of them). And I arranged them properly and really got familiar with what I had. And I feel better for it. I am glad your sister likes the yellowy orange cocktail dress – its super nice.


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