Butterick 4895: Independence and White Belts for All

the pattern:


Butterick 4895 Spirit of ’76, published by Butterick Pattern Service, no date but I’m gonna make a wild guess here and go with 1976.
This envelope contains four iron-on t-shirt transfers of Great Works of Patriotic Art to get you all fired up for the holiday. Starting at the top left there’s that one that always makes me hear Yankee Doodle on fife and snare drum in my head*, a tall ship**, the Crossing Of The Potomac***, and Portrait of George Washington****.
I found this pattern in a thrift shop in Boulder Colorado one summer, and happened to have access to a heat press, so I made this fabric:

For almost forty-year-old iron-on transfers, they look pretty ok! But not ok by any other reckoning! But still, I keep thinking these would make a great corset style bodice over a big full skirt, although my need for such a bizarre get-up is pretty low. Maybe someday, George Washington, maybe someday… 

Sew It or Throw It: Throw it. The pattern envelope and tranfers I mean, not the fabric, the fabric is awesome.

* Oh wait, that one is totally called The Spirit Of ’76, previously known as Yankee Doodle according to wikipedia. So that explains that.
** No idea what this one is called. My google not strong enough. This is embarrasing.
*** Ok so apparently the real name of this one is Washington Crossing The Delaware, jeez.
**** by Gilbert Charles Stuart, Bam! Got one right.


5 thoughts on “Butterick 4895: Independence and White Belts for All

  1. I am amazed the colours are surprisingly OK 40 years later. And your corset idea is brilliant. I think Vivienne Westwood did some with teddy bear prints on, which was a similar idea, but yours in better.


  2. This is so amazing and, like Kate, I love the corset idea. I generally stay away from transfers (the only one I have is a 1970s Popeye/Olive Oyl, McCall’s 5570) but this one’s oddly tempting as it’s my birth year.. And isn’t that Christie Brinkley?


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