Halter, inspired by a broken foot and by McCall’s 3438

Instead of starting with the pattern or the fabric, this project was inspired by a hot-pink cast.
A big huge giant hot pink cast, covering the leg of, let’s just call her “Hayley”, who broke her foot and was sad about how all-of-a-sudden her summer was going to happen without all her favorite summer things:
Beach Parties.
The gym.
Do you have anyone in your life —any adult person— who would miss these specific, adorable, funtime summery things? I don’t, other than codename “Hayley”. It was just too super-tragic to think of summer being cancelled for someone who had planned on doing it up so right. I felt bad for her.
Then I remembered I had this:


the fabric:
This is actually the backside.
I just wanted to show all that crazy handstitching. Check out how whoever was beading it switched thread partway through. The Human Touch! Free Will! Or maybe the other thread just ran out! I love it!
It was a pretty small piece, rectangle-ish, I brought it home from the scrap bin at work in, like, 2000. Who knows how old it already was by then.
I remember asking first, and then being like, “Really? This. This right here? I can take this fancy stuff home? Really?” And my boss being like, “Please. Get it out of here, it’s too small to do anything real with,” and in my head I was like, “Ah, but you’re totally forgetting about backless halter tops…”
So then it sat around in my fabric world for fifteen years until I saw that pink cast and thought Aha! Perfect! 

the pattern:
I briefly consulted McCall’s Evening Elegance 3438, which is copyright 2001 by The McCall Pattern Co, because I remembered it has a sort of cowl front, open back, spaghetti strap thing going on, but the pattern itself is much, much bigger through the bodice than my little rectangle of fabric was. Also it’s bias and my sequins needed to be straight grain.
Other than that though, it’s a good reference photo for that 90’s look I was going for. Here’s a picture:


So then I just went for it: 



Sew It or Throw It:
If the question is, “Sew tiny rectangles of fabric into hot hot halter-tops,” the answer is yes, Sew It.
If the question is, “Sew McCall’s 3438,” the answer is I don’t know yet.


4 thoughts on “Halter, inspired by a broken foot and by McCall’s 3438

    1. Fifteen years. More even. That’s why it’s time to sew it or throw it, man.
      Also, I love that the 90’s are happening now but like a million times better looking than the actual 90’s ever were.


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