It’s like a super high-stakes game. Don’t think, just react. 

I texted this picture to someone, let’s call her “Meghan”, and asked which one is her favorite.

“Meghan” didn’t waste any time with annoying questions like, “why?” “what are you talking about?” or, “who is this?” No hesitation. She immediately named one, so that’s the one I made for her.

Which one would you choose?

Which one did she choose??

Stay tuned!!!

So exciting!!!!


10 thoughts on “It’s like a super high-stakes game. Don’t think, just react. 

  1. You can make me 6157 View A…. I hope she chose 3876 View 1 and you add that bow and provide white gloves for handling the stamp collection that is obviously stored in those pockets….


    1. What’s going on in the cover illustration on 6157, though? Do you think View C is talking about her engagement ring again and View A is like OMG Shut Up Already while View B politely feigns interest?
      Ha, stamp collection.
      Maybe 3876 is a doctor!


    1. I like how gentle both View 1 and View 2 are being with those pockets on Smiplicity 3876. Holding their arms out from the body, elbows soft. Like the skirt is inflated with helium and they are resting their hands on top. Maybe that is the secret behind their serene expressions.
      Actually, hands in pockets like that is a really strange posture for walking. Looks more like they are trying to control the ringing-bell effect of walking in a hoop skirt. Maybe the serene expressions are just for camera.


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