Simplicity 4760: Again, but this time it’s pants. 

the pattern: 


Simplicity 4760 Boys’ And Mens’ Pants And Shirt, copyright 2004, Simplicity Pattern Co. Inc.
I did this one already. Shirt version, way back here. Now here it is again as shorts. Why am I using this pattern a second time when I have soooooo many others to try out?
Well, it’s either because My Prerogative, or… well… no that’s pretty much it. 

the fabric:


This Mens’ polo shirt is from the dollar rack at the thrift shop.
It’s a pretty ugly shirt, and it had some faded spots, but I liked it for it’s calm, masculine, sage green and navy blue stripe, and for the weight of the fabric, and for the slight stretch of the knit, and for the size which I could see would provide plenty of fabric .

the result:


thanks for taking care of those cords, Big Helper

mistakes were made:
See how those pockets look pretty awesome? Making a chevron like that, all correctly placed?
Yeah well they’re sewn onto the wrong pieces.
See, what ha’ happened was: when I was setting the pockets I grabbed two matching pieces and barely looked at them beyond noting that they were tiny and therefor the fronts. I put the pockets on and they were perfect and I was happy, and then I went to get the back pieces to finish the legs, and that was when I saw that I already had the back pieces, and had just sewn the front pockets onto them.
I refused to take the pockets off and do it all over again. Refused! I mean, maybe if the pants were For Me I might have had a little pride and done them right, but for a two-year-old maybe just no. He’s going to be upside-down half the time anyway, what’s the big deal.
In order to fix my Totally Dumb But Whatever Mistake, I shifted the (new) fronts down one stripe at the side seams. This allowed me to re-cut the waistline so it would scoop down in front and be highest at center back. You know, like pants.
I also scooped out the (new) center front crotch seam to make it be more like a front crotch seam and less like a back. 
Other than that, the side seams now ride a bit toward the back, but I am totally cool with that.
One fascinating side effect of my fix though, check this out:

I dropped the pants down one stripe’s width at the side seam, right?
But I kept the inseam as it was.
The stripes match at all seams, but now instead of making horizontal rings, the stripes SPIRAL!
For reals! you can follow one continuous stripe from where it starts at the hem (see my pointy finger) all the way up the leg to the waistband.

what I changed:
I got rid of the zip front and the faced waistband, and made this pair be pull-on shorts by adding an elastic casing waistband. Also they are shorts length instead of pants length. And cutting the pockets on the cross grain, that was me.

Sew It or Throw It?
Sew it. These pockets are great, I can imagine many ways and many years of fun with pattern placement with these pockets.
Another great thing about this pattern is that the size range goes on forever. Seriously. From boys’ small all the way up to mens’ extra large. All that size range in one envelope, it’s a marvel.


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