McCall’s M6754: it’s getting hot in here…so, uh, put on this dress.

Now! Here! The conclusion to the Super Mysterious Mystery that started here and then went here

here it is!


the pattern:
McCall’s M6754, copyright 2013 The McCall Pattern Co.
This is a great little pattern. It’s flattering, it’s super simple.
—View B there at least, the pink one. The version with sleeves looks a little more Very—
and if you made it out of stretch material like the pattern wants you to, you could probably have it done in a day.
I bought this during one of those pattern clearance sales at the JoAnn’s. Hot Tip: get the JoAnn app so you can stalk your local store and know exactly when those clearance sales are and save yourself from ever going there during non-dollar-pattern-sale times. Unless you’re there to check out the remnants. Or buy quilt batting. Ok fine, go there all the time, I do. 

the fabric:
I picked up this stuff at the Michael Levine Loft in downtown LA, which is this hot mess above Michael Levine Home Fabrics. The loft sells fabric By The Pound. That is correct! 
I don’t remember how many pounds of this stuff (stretch cotton with pink, black, and yellow crystalline print) I bought, but it wasn’t enough. The print is fantastic. I love this stuff. Should’ve bought wheelbarrows full.
Side note: I really enjoy those stretch diagrams they print on the back of pattern envelopes!  See that one up there? Black rectangle with arrows that says Your Fabric Must Stretch From Here To Here Or Suffer The Wrath? Those things are great. Of all the decisions you have to make while sewing, at least there’s not that one. Thanks, stretch gage.

This stretch gage told me that my fabric isn’t nearly stretchy enough, but no bigs, that’s what center back seams and zippers are for.

Ok blah blah blah sewing whatever, here’s Meghan!
btdubs, if you are liking what you see here, go check out Identity Crush on FunnyOrDie

Girl, quit fooling around! This is a sewing blog!


Nothing to see here, move along, she’s just about to be frisked for concealed cuteness, ok?
This picture is to show the headband, ok?? Eyes up top!

Ok that’s better.

what I changed from the original pattern:
The pattern already has a center back seam, which one could totes eliminate if one was making the dress in knit like one is supposed to. I put an invisible zipper in that mug.
Black piping in the neckline, to define and stabilize. The pattern wants you to finish the neck and armsceyes with a simple turn-under-and-stitch, which I’m not a fan of. In this case I full lined the bodice with self, to clean finish and to annihilate any possible transparency. I had a really fun time actually, clean finishing the neck, armsceyes, and most of the waist seam allowance. It’s pretty magical when you turn it all right side out and everything is clean and smooth.
I also changed the angle of the straps, they were a little too wide-set, and raised the back neckline an inch for that Work Appropes look, aka keep that bra well out of sight.
Oh and I made a headband.
Oh, and the pattern for that bizarre olde timey bathing house handbag thingy that you probably noticed on the pattern photo? It’s not included in M6754, but I’m pretty sure I remember seeing and laughing at it in the catalogue. I mean, if you were wondering.

Sew It or Throw It:
Sew It, definitely. Looks great, goes easy. I really want to get into View C and D, with that princess seams meet raglan sleeves thing it’s got going on. For me next time.


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