So which was her favorite? Which is YOUR favorite?

Party People, maybe you remember this post? The one about that time when I texted the picture below to codename “Meghan” and asked which was her favorite?
And she answered right away and then I made it for her?


Which one was it!
Which one did she pick!
Was it the one you’d’ve chosen???
Oh the suspense is killing you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before I tell, I’m going to draw out the Killing Suspense a little more with some backstory:
When I decided to make something for “Meghan”
—ok lets get real, codename “Meghan’s” real name is Meghan—
I went through my patterns looking for 1)dress 2)tiny waist 3)flared skirt 4)bodice with no sleeves but at least somewhat of a shoulder seam rather than straps, aka No Bra-Straps On Display, aka Work Appropes/Play Appropes.

These being the qualities I’ve observed as her jam.

Right, so, top left there we’ve got New Look 6487, no copyright but soooo 80’s. This is the one I thought she’d go for. She likes the 80’s. As is the norm for people who were too young to dress themselves in the 80’s. Anyway.
This one could totally be cute if made up in a non-shiny, non-velvety, non-partytime fabric. Without those sleeves of course. The sweetheart neck and pointed waistline have potential. Maybe.
But nope! She didn’t go for this one.

Top right, we have Simplicity 3876. No date but someone helpfully wrote “early 1960’s” on the cover. Thanks for that, Helpful-Yet-Duh Stranger.
This is the ringer. I just threw it in there to make her laugh. But! This too could be really cute! The dress itself, without a petticoat underneath to create that totes hilar helium balloon silhouette, could be good! And the visual contrast between the trim at the waist and the trim at the hip might be kinda hot and vavoom?
But no, this was not the winner.

Bottom left is Butterick 6157, also not dated, COME ON PATTERN COMPANIES! GIVE US SOME DATES, JEEZ!
Anyway. This one is kind of a dark horse, like, I never even really notice it in my pattern box and then suddenly it’s in my face like HI! I’M CUTE! YOU LOVE ME! and I’m like “Whoa I do love you where did you even come from?”
I’ve had this pattern for years. Happens every time.
But this was not the winner either!

So by now you have figured out because you are totally clever that Meghan’s immediate, no hesitation answer was, “Bottom right, pink one.”
Post with lots of pictures coming soon!!!!


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