Fun with people who don’t sew


Ok, so this dress, the one I made for Meghan, right?
She describes it as an A-line.
Now, you and I both know that skirt is totally not an A-line, it’s a circle skirt, and if we wanna get Real Technical, we could even say it’s 3/4 circle skirt.
Because it is a 3/4 circle skirt.
Right? Right.
But that’s just me being obnoxious with my superior knowlege of skirt shapes, and no one likes it when people get all obnoxious with their superior knowlege of skirt shapes, except maybe other people who possess a similarly superior knowledge of skirt shapes.
Right? Right.
So with that in mind, here’s a fun game you can play:

Go out with a friend who doesn’t sew or study fashion. Lull them into a sense of security, and then when they least expect it, whip out a piece of paper and a pen and shout, “Quick! Draw every skirt shape you can think of! Do it now!!!” and then sit back and enjoy.

I played this fun game with Meghan, and the results are the picture above, illustrating:
She drew this first and then threw down her pen and shouted, “Done!” and I was like, “Really? All the skirts in your closet? All the skirts in the world? Are all A-line?” and then she was like, “Hmmmmmmmmmm” and then picked the pen back up and drew:
Ok, I’m cool with this. Fitted really is a better descriptor than the more common “pencil” or “straight skirt”.
mini on fitted
Just. Lols all over the place.
Peplum is what she’s angling toward here, I think.
wrap skirt
Also a yes.

So, pretty good right?
I mean it sounds like I’m making fun, but really, ask anyone to describe the minutia of a subject outside their realm of expertise, and you will get a short and comical list.
Sure, she puts on clothes every day, but, ya know: I get in a car every day and yet if you told me to list cars, I’d be like, “Blue car! And……….red car?”
So anyway. There you have it, a fun game to make you feel superior in your knowledge of skirts,  while also solidifying an appreciation for the specialized skill sets and educations of the people all around you.
Thank goodness other people care about cars so I don’t have to.
Mini On Fitted 4-ever!


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