Everything $20.00


What’s in there? Let’s buy it and find out!


Wiss scissors! Probably worth the $20 right there. Three measuring tapes. Creepy doily pincushion, probably going to return that one to the thrift shop. Scrap of excellent beach print vintage fabric. Super yucky yarn, perfect for craft with kid. Scrap of upholstery velvet. Some hoarder-ish scraps of gingham that are obviously old hems. Scraps of batik. Two embroidery hoops. Green felts. What else? Let’s keep looking!  


Box containing: Seam binding. Hem lace. Satin blanket binding. Bias fold. What else? Let’s look!


Two ugly ties! Yes!!! This bag just keeps on giving! What else? Let’s look!


Pipe cleaners. I know someone who is going to love these. But wait there’s more! Let’s look!


Cord. Machine embroidered trim. Orange twill tape. Gross old elastic. Drawstrings, judging from the plaid these are from pajama pants. Soutache. Trimmed ends from a macramé project maybe. 

That’s it! Thank you thrift shop!


7 thoughts on “Everything $20.00

  1. I can’t help think of the person who put this together. How they saved and folded all that bias etc on to little bits of cardboard (did you examine the cardboard, eh?) . Are they dead. I imagine so as modern people don’t do this. But we love “lucky dips”, don’t we? I just bought lots of thread for £2.99 including in colours I don’t even use (I don’t wear orange, ever). Couldn’t resist.


    1. I’d say about half my supplies had an original owner who has since shuffled off this mortal coil. Sometimes I know the chain of ownership: almost all of my thread belonged to the great aunt of one friend, and my pressing ham belonged to the grandmother of another. I’ve even received a dress-form through this sort of indirect inheritance. It’s nice to be known as The One Who Sews, I am happy to keep the legacy alive by finding a use for all these things.
      I guess the trick will be to use it all up before I shuffle off, so no one is left holding the bag, looking around for a sewing friend to pass it all along to.


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