Two more baby quilts 


The James, above, is:

  • Black velvet
  • Unbleached cotton muslin
  • Blue linen
  • Blue printed cotton in a sort of batik-y design
  • A couple scraps of brocade, ripstop nylon, and wool
  • Big fat binding is green satin acetate, heavy cream satin acetate, and blue silk satin
  • The back is a blueberry printed cotton

The blue linen has a story:
Once upon a time I made a pair of blue linen shorts for a movie.
The actress was rude to me during the fitting, which I actually deserved, because the fitting was in her home and I was just standing off to the side, watching everything and saying nothing, which is what is expected of me in the fitting room at the shop, but is kinda creepy behavior in someone’s home.
Different rules for different places, yo.
Love that linen tho. 


The M, above, is:

  • Black cotton twill
  • Two way stretch cotton with yellow and black floral print, false-binding is the floral print backing wrapping around to the front
  • Cotton gauze with bee print 

The bee fabric was a swaddle my little boy used when he was a baby.
Swaddles are a funny thing to figure out what to do with when you don’t need them anymore, in that I feel awkward passing them on to friends, as these old swaddle cloths are delightfully worn and soft, but, like, maybe friends don’t want old used swaddles, no matter how delightfully soft they are? Maybe they would prefer nice new ones for their nice new babies?
Yet, if I donate them to the thrift, I worry that no one would know what they are and would see them as really oddly sized dish towels, and eventually send them to the land fill.
And that would make me sad. I am all sentimental about these old swaddles. There’s one with an orange owl print that I surprised myself by being unable to cut up. Too many feels, you guys.
Maybe in another couple years the feels will have worn off and I can just treat it like fabric. So anyway, I’m really pleased to be able to use this one as fabric. And it is nice and soft. And bees. 

There’s a story with the yellow and black floral:
Once upon a time the design assistant came into my apartment and said, “here, I got you this at Denver Fabrics,” and the technical director looked over from the couch and said, “Yeah but you’re not gonna wear it, you don’t wear cool stuff like that anymore.”
(It was summer theater, we were all in each other’s apartments/business all the time)
Anyway, I was like YOU DONT KNOW ME! And then proceeded to never ever make myself anything out if that fabric, because maybe he was a little bit right.
Plus, like, it’s a lightweight stretch cotton, like it would Have to have been a shirt, and I kinda hate stretch cotton for shirts because it is literally loud. It crackles and snaps like sails in the wind everytime you move and I don’t like it.
But! I really like it for this quilt. It’s bringing the flowers in a not-overly-girly way. Plus nice and graphic for tummy time. 

The M is bias fold. I love it when I use some of that stuff up!


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