Easy McCall’s M6173: it was just leggings and then I put a skirt on it

the pattern:
Easy McCall’s M6173 MISSES’/MISS PETITE PANTS AND LEGGINGS, Copyright 2010, The McCall Pattern Co.
Wait, why are these petite? I am not petite!
Oh right I remember, I bought these on sale and petite Xsm-Med was the only size left.
Well whatever.
Although I hate all the shoes the ladies on the cover are wearing, this is a nice, basic, versatile leggings pattern.
Actually, what I hate worse than the shoes is the fact that none of these photos show the waistband of the leggings. How wide is it, where does it sit on the body, is it an elastic casing or some other method? You know, all those things one actually cares about when buying a pattern, rather than just answering the important question of “Gee, will these leggings work with ugly flats or ugly heels? Oh look, both! Yay!”
Whatever whatever.
The line drawing and description on the back clue us in to the fact that View A is pants-like, (with waist darts, an interfaced waistband, and mock fly front zipper. Also zippers at the ankle but we don’t even need to talk about that) while Views B and C are your more typical pull-on leggings with elastic waist.
What is not mentioned is the part that makes this pattern nice and versatile: View A has an outseam and an inseam, while Views B and C only have inseams. Having that outseam on View A as well as the back darts is really nice, because it means you can easily create a back yoke and fake side pockets, making the leggings look much more like pants, or you can use that side seam to insert a stripe to make the leggings look more sporty and fast.
So that’s nice.
I made View A because I’d been thinking about making a yoke and inventing a skirt to seam into the yoke seam, but ended up inventing a skirt and seaming it into the waistband instead, so I should’ve just made View B
View A has a lot of extra room in the leg, I ended up taking them in from mid-thigh through the knee down to the ankle. A lot too, about an inch on the double on both seams through the knee. Maybe they fit loosely on purpose to achieve a more pants-like fit? One of these days I’ll make View B and then I’ll know.

the fabric:
This 4-way stretch printed Lycra did not come to me as yardage, it was two dress fronts, two long sleeves, and some scraps. They were partially sewn for some movie, a comedy obviously, and then at some point abandoned. Either the look got cut from the movie (too bad for us), or the scene got cut (too bad for us, too bad for the actress), or the entire production was shut down (too bad for everyone). So that is why the skirt is in so many pieces. Fabric extremely limited and hilarious.

The biggest change I made here, other than adding the skirt, is the waistband.
The pattern for A wants you to interface, the pattern for B and C want you to insert 3/4″ elastic into a fold-down casing.
I don’t have any 3/4″, and I am too grumpy to go to the store, plus I don’t really groove on that style. So I used View A waistband, half lined it in Spandex for a flexible but firm stretch, interfaced the center front and made two button holes, then made a drawstring, coverstitched a channel, inserted the drawstring, and attached the whole thing to the garment.
It could look better, the lower stitching for the channel was too close to the seam allowance and dips into the seam, but I’m pretty happy with it. Will do again.

Sew It or Throw It:
Yes. Sew It. I will probably wear these at least once a week. Look out spin class.

update 5/January/2016: That prediction came true, I do wear these at least once a week.


6 thoughts on “Easy McCall’s M6173: it was just leggings and then I put a skirt on it

    1. Spin is group stationary bike class. Not as exciting as it sounds! Good workout though.
      Maybe shoes were all that bad in 2010 and I just never noticed??? Agreed re: bare feet. Giant puffy high-top sneakers might also work. Giant GOLD puffy high-top sneakers! Yes!!!! They should totally hire me to style these photo shoots. I mean for starters I’d dress at least one model in a sports bra so we could see the dang waistband.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I wouldn’t have dreamed of making something like this with such a mundane pattern. I love the fabric and know you will enjoy your spinning wearing this. I am just glad I won’t be next to you with the flashing lights, your tights and those tie dye sunbursts.


  2. Ha you’ll give someone a seizure in spin wearing those. I love how the film ‘obviously’ must have been a comedy….. I’m thinking some sort of hilarity where an aging hippy decides to open a gym and run yoga classes to fund their single origin mud brick factory and is forced instead to run spin classes! That why it was already in pieces – they were going to have to MAKE THEIR OWN LEGGINGS in the film! Life imitates art….


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