Style 2982: Just a good old totally boring t-shirt

the pattern:
STYLE 2982 copyright 1998 Style Patterns Ltd.
I saw this at a yardsale about ten years ago and bought it because I liked the model. She’s so late 90’s. Girl, go on with your no-makeup-makeup-with-a-dark-lipstick self. And your hesitant, hand-clutching, face turned away from camera self. You just go right on, Girl.
Also, I like that wide neckline.
Also I might’ve been hynotized by that bizarre drawstring dangling from the center front hem. Is that supposed to be nautical?

the fabric:
A sheer white cotton knit. Sheer cotton knits might be The Actual Height of beautiful. The way the seams ghost through? So pretty!
I might’ve bought this  fabric from the scholarship store at FIDM? There was a minute there when I was going to make myself a uniform of sheer knit dresses with solid slips, and bought fabric at the FIDM scholarship store, but then never got around to making anything. This is probably from that.


So, yep, looks like a t-shirt.
Long sleeves, bateau neck, loose fit.
That last picture best shows the sheerness of the fabric and the lowness of the armscye, which I though was a fit issue at first, but looking at our cover-girl there, the low armscye is an intentional style choice.
Style Patterns includes finished garment measurements, printed on the envelope!
I love them for that, as it saves me from having to lay out and measure the pattern pieces to see how much stupid ease was thrown in.
Attention All Commercial Pattern Companies: it would be awesome if you would do like Style and include finished measurements. Those who already do, thanks, you’re great.
Also, Pattern Companies, just plain Quit adding so much ease at the bust. Thanks.
(Hilarious vision in my head right now of a workroom full of commercial patternmakers waving rulers and shouting “Lets add FIVE INCHES at the bust! MuHahahhahahhaaaahhahahhahaaaaa!!!!!”)

changes to the original pattern:
This pattern wants you to face the neckline, but I did a regular old coverstitched t-shirt neck band instead. It’s wavy and gets too narrow in some spots, it’s not technically well done, but aesthetically it pleases me.
In a heavier knit the faced neckline might be interesting, but in this stuff it would be difficult and visible.
The pattern doesn’t call for clear elastic at the shoulders (maybe that was beyond the level of 90’s home-sewing folk?) but I had a factory made t-shirt nearby that I was using for finishing reference, and it had the clear elastic, so I followed it’s example.
Ok, and that drawstring in the hem: I didn’t do that, because I think it looks majorly weird, but if I did I would have it be drawstring in the front only, elastic around the back. Like you do with pajamas. Because how annoying to have to untie your shirt to get dressed.

Sew It or Throw It:
Sew it. Despite being a totally boring t-shirt, this is the kind of thing I’ll end up layering all winter without even meaning to.

update 5/January/2015: I am reversing my ruling on this pattern! It’s now a Throw It! I wear the shirt all the time, but only because I don’t have any other long sleeved t-shirts. If I did, this shirt would be outta here, because it is too short to layer properly. It doesn’t line up with my sweaters and stuff. Drives me nuts. This pattern doesn’t have enough good features to outweigh the boring, so it’s getting thrown. To the thrift shop.


7 thoughts on “Style 2982: Just a good old totally boring t-shirt

  1. Yeah that sheer knit is so pretty! I agree with your choice of neckline finish on this one, but I have recently made a bateau neck top pattern that has a facing and it is totally the bees knees in how nice it turned out. The other cool thing I’ve seen with a sheer or lightweight fabric is to cut a really really neat piece of binding and apply in one layer then just let the natural stockinette nature curl into a pretty little edge. I’d have issues with the really really neat cutting part tho!


  2. I think the drawstring looks like something a bit obscene that I cannot write down. The lovely sheer cotton jersey, on the other hand, is wonderful and I would like a few of these so that you could layer them, perhaps with different sleeve lengths of necklines.


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