Simplicity 8924, Butterick B5585, Simplicity 4479, and McCall’s 3510: a whole bunch of nope. 

These four are definite Throws. I’m not going to bother putting these to the test, and here’s why:

First up, Simplicity 8924 YOUNG JUNIOR/TEENS’ AND MISSES’ VEST, MINI SKIRT, BLOUSE AND PANTS, copyright 1970 Simplicity Pattern Co. Inc.
I recently discovered eBay! So exciting!
I got a box of miscellaneous vintage patterns, mostly good stuff that I’m excited about, one Throw.  This is it.
I like the variety of 1970’s hair-do illustrated on this pattern. However, the collarless tunic-ish vest-y thing and elastic waisted skirt and pants are not for me. Because gross. 

Next up, Butterick B5585 INFANTS’ JACKET, DRESS, TOP, ROMPER, DIAPER COVER AND HAT, copyright 2010 The McCall Pattern Company.
I bought this in 2012 at full price, while I was pregnant. I never buy at full price, so I’m gonna classify that one as an emotional purchase.
Here’s what happened with this pattern:
One day I got the onesie all cut out from an old band t-shirt. The next day my son was born. Time managment lols!
It was months before I got back around to sewing, and by then he’d outgrown the onesie I’d cut, and I realized that I didn’t actually want to make a onesie at all, for him or anyone else. They are a lot of work!
I tried making the hat later, but didn’t love it. The tie is not integrated into the design, it’s a separate piece that’s tied onto a loop, and that bums me out. I like the magic of an integrated design. 
Cute baby on the pattern cover though.

Third up: Simplicity 4779 MISSES’ KNIT TWIN SETS, copyright 2004 Simplicity Pattern Co.
Found this at a thrift store for the strange price of 79 cents. I remember I actually bargained with the guy at the cash register and got this one for free, which I feel kind of bad about because it’s a charity store and, like, why’re you gonna shortchange a charity store, but there you go, I totally did.
Oh well, now they’ll be getting it back to re-sell at their leisure.
Nothing wrong with this one, except that it’s not my style at all. My opinion on this sort of shrug/cardigan hybrid is PICK A LANE.

And lastly: McCall’s 3510 MATERNITY DRESS, SWIMSUIT, TOP AND PANTS, copyright 1973 The McCall Pattern Company.
This one is adoooooorable.
Especially View C, which has bloomers!!!!!! It calls itself a swimsuit but would really make a fun summer lounging outfit for summertime pregnant ladies.
The only problem is, this is not how pregnant ladies dress anymore. It’s a lot easier to throw on a stretchy t-shirt than to bother sewing something that might only get four month’s use.
The bloomers are patterned to be longer in the front, so you pull them up over the belly instead of having them sit underneath. I know because I considered making a pair for non-pregnant loungewear, but decided it wasn’t worth the repatterning.

Bye Patterns! Have a nice time at the thrift shop! Find someone who loves you! 


10 thoughts on “Simplicity 8924, Butterick B5585, Simplicity 4479, and McCall’s 3510: a whole bunch of nope. 

    1. I’m happy to keep the photo of that first one and let the pattern go.
      I love how it says “vest not suitable for corduroy cut crosswise.” Almost makes me want to make one in cross grain corduroy, just to call it’s bluff.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Naww, they are so nostalgic aren’t they? I love the Farah Fawcett type hairdos too. I have a huge stash of vintage patterns I will never use, but just like to gaze at them like the little curiosities they are!


  2. I did think fondly of those 90s shrug cardigan things when I was cosleeping with my baby- easy to nurse and it would have kept my arms warm and no fabric near his head. Other than that, ughhhhhhhhhhhh!


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