A thrift shop revamp: from nice normal Pendleton jacket, to cropped with dots. 

Here is the Before, a nice plain whatever Pendleton wool jacket from the thrift shop. 
Not bad but nothing special either.  

pins marking new length and new roll line

Below: shortened, hemmed and new roll line. Shortening the jacket also got rid of that one buttonhole. 


it’s warranted. See, says so right there.

 I was mostly sold on this jacket by that Pendleton label. So classy! Never change, Pendleton! 

And then:

Ok, so, I started thinking Dots, right? And I had a piece of felted black wool, and cut a bunch of circles using my pinking sheers and a circle template, and then started placing them on the jacket. I just eyeballed it, didn’t measure, although I would use a ruler as a straight edge to check their level every now and then. I’d place them and pin them all in place and then go away for a day and come back and move them all a tiny bit, and leave again, and kept that up until I came back one day and didn’t see anything that needed moving, so then it was time to sew. 


that’s a husky ladder.
So, you might have some questions, like :

How did you sew the dots on?
By hand. 

But…the lining and like shoulder pad and stuff?
Yep. Just, like, avoided those.

What possessed you?
The Muse. 

Why are you wearing that outfit?
What do you mean?

What’s the deal with those snaps?
I know right! They’re giant! They aren’t whopper-poppers either, they’re some kind of designer-y silliness I took off a jacket I altered one time at work, and when I asked if I should put them in with the whoppers, I was told no, they dont match, just take ’em. 

Other than your handsewing insanity, was there a hard part?
Yes, aligning the dots. The front dots fall on the center, but at the back the dots alternate alongside the center-back. I liked how that looked the best. It made the sleeve dot placement tricky though, getting the dots to line up with both the back and the front, and with each other, 

Seriously what possessed you?
Sometimes you just need a Project, man. 

That dress?
Yeah, it’s this one. 


9 thoughts on “A thrift shop revamp: from nice normal Pendleton jacket, to cropped with dots. 

    1. It’s just a big old snap, you’ve probably seen them before. Mostly used for theater.
      Come to think of it, the ones I used here look a lot like those magnetic snaps used for purses, just not magnetic.


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