January 2016 progress report. 

Sewing It or Throwing It: is it working?
Let’s look at the numbers.
In July of 2015 I had 155 untried patterns, and now I have 176.
What Happened! I was supposed to be reducing, not collecting!
Maybe a chart will help, let’s make one.

                                                     July 2015       January 2016
dresses                                             58            74
coats/jackets/outerwear                14             17
outfits/combo packs                       10             14
pants                                                  7                9
shirts                                                  7              13
kid clothes                                        9                6
rompers                                             3                same
swimsuits                                         4                same
maternity                                          1                same
craft items                                        4                same
skirts                                                23                20
sleepwear                                          2               same
menswear                                         6               4
wedding gowns                               2               same
kimono                                              1               0

Where did all these new patterns come from?! Well there was that time I bought a box of random from eBay…and there were all those times I found patterns at the thrift store…and that time I offered my Throw pile to a friend and accidentally ended up with her Throw pile in exchange…

The obvious problem is dresses. I need to make more.
Good job on eliminating the kimono category tho.

I see two ways to proceed for the coming year:
1) Knock out the smaller categories. Like, make all the rompers, all the swimsuits, and all the crafts. And get rid of the kids’ clothes patterns, they’re all dresses anyway. And the dog patterns, I don’t even have a dog.
2) Keep on making whatever I feel like.

One might say, “What about Option 3, make things you actually need?” to which I say, “BORRRRRRRRRING!”

Another way to proceed: go back in time.
So far my most heavily Sewn decades have been the 1960’s and the 2010’s. Haven’t sewn up any patterns from the 1940’s or 1950’s. Maybe I’ll go there this year.
But maybe not. As my friend HRM says, Hemlines Not Deadlines.


4 thoughts on “January 2016 progress report. 

  1. I think sewing 100% of the kimono collection is an awesome achievement. I believe there is an undiscovered mathematical formula out there to describe the exponential and unidirection development of ones pattern and fabric stash. The reverse of the universe – it only gets bigger.

    You made me laugh which is good but bad right now as I had surgery yesterday and it hurts! Aaah you better keep sewing and throwing because you’re a fave read of mine! Xxx


  2. Error L0L: Would-be commenter too busy laughing, cannot formulate witty comment.

    (But seriously, I always look forward to your posts and this one was no exception. Keep on sewing and throwing and sharing! Also: enthusiastic +1 to Fabric tragic’s entire first paragraph.)


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