Keeping that sunshine outta here. With a hat. 

the pattern:
This pattern is a copy of the hat that was My Summer Hat for a couple years, just a good old cotton canvas bucket hat from the gardening store.
I liked that the original hat had vaguely cloche-like properties and that I could roll it up and stuff it into my bag or purse or pocket or whatever when I went indoors.
Eventually it got old, so I copied it before sending it away, with one change: I shortened the brim at the center back in hopes of a more cloche-like shape next time.
Do you love my technical drawing on the envelope? That there’s pretty much what it looked like.
Ha, nice reuse of envelope too. Get outta here, Issey Miyake! This envelope is not for you!
And check it: 12-14-16 is a size range, but this year it’ll be a day too, whoa.


This hat was start to finish in one day!
I mean, nothing to brag about, just three pattern pieces, except that I never have one day projects anymore. So satisfying!


the fabric:
Some washed black cotton canvas that is so stiff. I’m really glad it worked for this, because I haven’t found anything else it’s good for. Maybe a tote bag, but how many totes does one person need. I feel like I accumulate totes naturally, just as part of being a human in the world.
The hatband is cotton webbing that someone was trying to dye at work. See that beautiful ombré effect? That was NOT the desired look, so this batch of webbing was Thrown. To me.
The under-brim is a purple satin that is fused with stitch-witchery, I have a few large scraps left over from some project. Maybe it was giant fake button appliques or something.

looks like somebody forgot how to sweater

Instead of binding the brim, I added seam allowance to the black layer, stitched on the seam line, turned it under and pressed it, and sealed it with the purple satin, which is pinked just inside the finish line. Then all the layers are double top stitched through-and-through. 


Brim down: sort of cloche-like


Brim up: vaguely fedora-ish


Sew It or Throw It:
Sew it. 
It’s not quite my flapper fantasy yet, but it does keep the sun out of my eyes and roll up to fit in my bag, which is all I really need in a hat. 
What I am Throwing is that oversized envelope. Putting this pattern into a nice, same-size-as-all-the-other-patterns ziplock bag so it won’t take up so much real estate. 


8 thoughts on “Keeping that sunshine outta here. With a hat. 

  1. And actually I don’t know if I yet have the perfect tote! I think not. There’s a cool tote on Pinterest that is called the yang and yang tote pattern, it was on the design sponge blog. I think you’ll dig the strap set up.


  2. I don’t have any nice “totes” but I have several free bags with advertising slogans on them made from cotton or linen that I dare not throw away as they are supposed to be bags for life. But this is a big con.
    The hat is great – especially the “dirty” industrial grey ribbon. Yes!


  3. Very true, F. Tragic and F. Kated, there’s no perfect or nice tote in my closet, but there are so many perfectly ok ones, (with advertising slogans, in cotton) that I’m probably set for life.
    Or maybe I should make hats out of them! No, that’s a terrible idea!


  4. An update of the Chanel cloche, would she approve, I think yes! Not only is it functional, but very pretty too, and Chanel was the pioneer of comfortable and chic clothing. I really like it.


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