Simplicity 7193: never mind the fire balls

great colors here

the pattern:
Simplicity 7193 MISSES’ DRESS…DESIGNER FASHION, copyright 1967 Simplicity Pattern Co. Inc.
It says Designer Fashion, but never gives credit to any particular designer, sooooo I’m just gonna have to assume it’s a Mugatu. 

the fabric:
I used a piece of grey ottoman that was being discarded from the costume shop where I was working at the time.
It was being thrown because either there wasn’t enough of it to do anything, (my dress is length-abbreviated, due to lack of yardage) or because ottoman isn’t used a whole heck of a lot in clothes right now.
Which is weird, because ottoman is great. It’s like corduroy, but the wales are not velvety. Which probably means it has no nap, but, like, don’t take my word on that, double check for nap before you go nesting your pattern pieces.
Ottoman has no give at all, which would make it great for something like high-waisted wide-legged trousers, where you might like to be held firmly at the waist and upper hip, with more room below.
I have seen ottoman listed as a suggeted fabric for other vintage patterns (not this one though) so maybe it used to be more popular.


I made this dress in 2009, and I’m talking about it now because I just pulled it out of my closet the other day and decided to pass it along to a friend, because it is too dang small for me anymore. See how it’s snug around the hips? Yep. That there’s what it is. 


Back in 2009 I made Version 1, without the sleeves or the lining.
The neck and armsceyes are finished with bias, and the hem is also bias-faced because there was not enough length to make a hem. 
I really like the zig zag shape that the bust darts make with the side-front seam, I would totally go for this again.
Oh, and if you’re wondering: those welt pockets in View 2 and the photo? Totally fake. There’s no pocket there, just a fakey-fake welt detail hahahhahaaa.


shoulder darts are fun

See below, the part about the fireballs! 

This is the only photo I could find of me wearing the dress.
Ah, 2009. It was a simpler time, a time before tripods and photo backdrops. For me at least. 

Pool. Some people are good at it, and other people are me.

Sew It or Throw It:
Sew it.
Throw the dress to my friend, sew the pattern again.


7 thoughts on “Simplicity 7193: never mind the fire balls

    1. Yes, isn’t that frustrating?
      It looks like an exercise in awkwardness: I can imagine constantly forgetting, trying to strike a casual hands-in-pockets pose, and then being thwarted by the no-pockets and not knowing what to do with my hands next.
      Not that it would be all that difficult to add a pocket, but it’s the principle of the thing!


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