Simplicity 6929: git along, little western shirt

the pattern:
Simplicity 6929 MISSES’ SHIRTS, copyright 1966 Simplicity Pattern Co. Inc.
This cover art presents a lot of challenges.
Can you see beyond the freaky eyes, the abrupt changes in scale from model to model, and the bowl haircuts?
Can you see past paisley and gingham and really short neckties?
If you can see your way through that visual onslaught, you might find a very nice womens’ shirt with lots of menswear construction details. I almost couldn’t, but then I did.  


the fabric:
I used some more of that cotton kimono fabric I found one time at a yard sale. Two more prints, in fact. And I have more on the shelf, that was the luckiest yard sale find ever.
This fabric is woven specifically to make yukata, the traditional summer weight kimono, so it is woven at 14″ wide. This is much narrower than a shirt pattern expects me to be using, but it all worked out with a little sleeve piecing and a seam at the center back of the body.


Awkward hat-holding. I could teach you, but I’d have to charge.

I made View 2, with contrast yokes, plackets, and cuffs. The only change I made in the fit was an extra inch in the sleeve length. 

Construction wise,  this pattern is satisfyingly tidy and self-enclosed: the sleeves are flat-felled to the armsceye, the side seams are closed in one from the wrist through the sleeve and body, and flat felled.
The sleeves have a placket-in-a-slash, and give instructions for doing that, but no pattern for the strip of fabric needed to make that placket or instructions on what size the strip should be, which I thought was funny. The pattern is like, “just cut it, you know how.”
Yes I do, Pattern, thanks for believing in me!
No raw edges to overlock, even the center back and the seam I had to piece into the sleeves uses the selvage.
Despite all this nice, normal, straight-forward construction, I managed to make a whole bunch of totally dorky mistakes.
Here, I’ll list them.
1) Did the topstitching in white on the button placket, but decide that was too busy
2) ripped out the white topstitching, re did it in blue
3) realized I’d forgotten the front yokes
4) ripped out the blue topstitching, undid half the placket
5) put on the yokes, pivoting perfectly at the point
6) realized that I’d sewn through the loose end of the placket
7) was angry
8) ripped out the yoke, restitched, restitched the placket, re topstitched in blue

Whatever, it all worked out.

Sew It or Throw It:
Sew it. I’ve been wearing this shirt non-stop for like four days.


12 thoughts on “Simplicity 6929: git along, little western shirt

  1. Love, just love your shirt. But then for some strange reason this Sydney girl has always been partial to a little bit of rodeo chic!! Amazingly lucky find those yakata fabrics, I often wonder what to do with narrow kimono silks. Excellent work on the shirt and the hat over butt thing could catch on! Yee haww!


  2. OH MY GOD view 3 and her giant hairdo will haunt me forever! But your shirt – it’s fabulous! And it’s nice to know you with all your skillz occasionally makes stupid mistakes too!


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