Simplicity 4760: pants, now with more crocodile 

See how puffy this envelope is? That’s because it contains ALL THE SIZES OF MAN.

the pattern:
Simplicity 4760 BOYS’ AND MENS’ PANTS AND SHIRT, copyright 2004 Simplicity Pattern Co, Inc.
Yes, this old thing again .
But this time in corduroy, and with animals!

front, with mama and baby crocodile and mama and baby kangaroo awwwwww
back, with solo echidna
the fabric:
The brown corduroy is leftover from a pair of pants I made for my husband a while back. It’s light weight, has some stretch, and has narrow wales.
Pin wales?
Speaking of wales, I was watching Venture Brothers the other day and there was a villain named Wide Wale and he was wearing a corduroy suit and it made that raspy corduroy-stride sound, at max volume, every time he moved, and it totally cracked me up.
The animal fabric is a printed cotton that flew all the way from Australia, from Australian Grandma, who is vigilant in keeping her grandson stocked in kangaroos and wombats and etc.
I used stitch-witchery to make patches and then fused them onto the pants and zig-zagged the edges. The plan is that they’ll serve as knee-patches to keep that wimpy corduroy from wearing through.

Didn’t have a big enough piece of the corduroy, so the legs are seamed in back.
All nap going downward.
The direction of the nap is an interesting thing: nap going up generally gives a deeper, more intense color, but it feels gross to me. I always make the nap go downward, unless someone makes me cut it the other way. I’ve heard this refered to as “pet the cat,” as in, you make the nap go from top to bottom in the same way you’d pet a cat. Pet the cat the wrong way and you get Bit.
Skipped the zip in the center front, but did put a fly facing inside to reinforce the fabric so I could topstitch to give the totally more grown-up appearance of a zipper while keeping them as pull-on pants.
I used the waist facing to make two channels for elastic.
I had just enough corduroy to make a back pocket, which the pattern doesn’t include, but which I think helps take these pull-on-pants out of dangerous are-those-pajamas-or-are-they-real-pants territory.

I’m adding a new category! I forgot to say!
Time! Because I want to get better at estimating how much time a project will take, in my head, immediately, before starting the project.
So, time on this one: 4.25 hours.
To emphasize: I’m not trying to get faster or to brag about times or create any kind of time-pressure for myself (or you), I’m just trying become better at estimating time by keeping track of hours and making note of them here.

pants, framed by the award winning Administration Building
pants, in the Shoin Building adjoining the teahouse
pants, on the way to the viewing pavilion overlooking the actual water treatment part of the plant. It’s so pretty!

Above, the pants out in the world.
And not just anywhere in the world, this is The Japanese Garden & Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation Plant in Van Nuys, which is an incredible place and definitely the most beautiful water reclamation plant I have ever visited.
It’s mission, to quote the little coloring book that came with our admission stickers, is, “to show how reclaimed water can be used in a delicate and positive manner.”
It’s beautiful. Seriously. I could see having a wedding here. Just, maybe, on a day with a breeze. Sometimes it, well, smells exactly like a water treatment plant. But it’s so gorgeous I feel like everyone should just Be Adult and ignore that factor.

Sew It or Throw It:
This is the third time I’ve used this pattern, and it’s Sew status remains intact.


9 thoughts on “Simplicity 4760: pants, now with more crocodile 

  1. Oh yeah downwards nap all the way with cord! These are super cute with their stealth knee pads. I should have known you of all people would have cracked the Secret to Restuffing a Pattern Envelope without causing rupture…..


    1. Well, it helps that it’s a newer envelope. You know, it’s only a dozen years old. Makes me appreciate the fact that patterns from like the 60’s and stuff are single-sized, less paper to stuff back into a crumbly old envelope.


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