McCall’s 8781, Simplicity 8780, Simplicity 7216, and Simplicity 8397: So nice I own them twice. Or thrice. 

These two above are McCall’s 8781, MISSES’ UNLINED JACKET, BIAS TOP, PANTS, AND BIAS SKIRT, copyright 1997 The McCall Pattern Company. 
My husband bought these in the late 90’s. I don’t know why he bought two, but they are a 12 and a 16, so he was probably just hoping to cover a range of sizes. For his girl army. Or something. 
The only garment I’m interested in here is the little top, and according to the garment measurements on the back, it is typically bust-ease-errific, so I will keep the 12, throw the 16. 
It’s a cute top. I made it once a long time ago for a wedding.  I’ll make it up again someday as a sweater vest. 

  And here above is Simplicity 8780, JUNIOR AND MISSES’ TWO-PIECE DRESS IN TWO LENGTHS, copyright 1970 Simplicity Pattern Co, Inc.  
Simplicity, who you trying to fool with that “two piece dress” nonsense. Round these parts we call that a Skirt and Top. 
Love the little star barrette on Center Blonde though.
I have two of this one because the first was a pass-along from a friend and the second came as part of an eBay lot. 
This one, I’m most interested in the skirt, therefor I’ll probably keep the 16, Throw the 12.

Above is Simplicity 7216, JUNIOR PETITES’ AND MISSES’ SKIRTS IN TWO LENGTHS, copyright 1967 Simplicity Pattern Co, Inc. 
I have two of this one because, same like before, a friend gave me one copy, and then the second copy came with an eBay lot. Same friend, different eBay lot. 
I’ll measure the patterns and make sure they didn’t get too crazy with the ease, and then probably keep the 30 waist, Throw the 26. 

Here below is the most awesome of all: 

This is Simplicity 8397, MISSES’ SET OF SKIRTS IN TWO LENGTHS & SCOOTER SKIRT, copyright 1969 Simplicity Pattern Co, Inc. 
When this one showed up in my most recent eBay box, I thought, “Oh, haha, I already have this one, and it’s really tiny, so I’ll just check and keep the biggest one, perfect, done.” 
But look! There are three, and THEY ARE IDENTICAL IN SIZE! All three are a size 24 inch waist! How does that happen! It’s not like I’m constantly buying up eBay, either. I have bought exactly two boxes of patterns, ever, and this pattern was in both boxes, in the same size, and I already owned it. 
This is crazy! 
Maybe this is my Soul Pattern.
Ok that’s not a thing.
But I will keep one, Throw the other two. I wonder if more are coming? Freaky!!!!
Look at how cute those knee socks are too. 

Sew It or Throw It:  that’s four Stows-for-now, and five Throws. 


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