Simplicity 5026: the shirt, not the jamaicas. 

The Pattern:
Simplicity 5026, JUNIORS’ AND MISSES’ PANTS IN TWO LENGTHS AND SHIRT, undated, published by Simplicity Pattern Co. Inc. 
This is from the 1960’s, judging from the hair. 
Check out View 2. Her posture says, “Observe: I have matched my jamaicas to my socks *and* my shoes. Did you observe? Look. Right here. Look right here. See that mess? Aw yeah.” 
In other news: Jamaicas! I’ve only ever heard this kind of short refered to as Bermudas. A casual Internet search tells me that the two style names are synonymous. Wonder what the real story is there. 
I didn’t make the jamaicas. Although I’m tempted to. Although I’m pretty sure they would look terrible in real life. The back zip, natural waist look is not an easy one. I would have to really invest in some knee socks and loafers. 
I made the shirt with the band collar, like in View 2.

The Fabric:
Leftover cotton gauze and printed cotton yukata fabric from two previous projects. 
The gauze is so sheer and openly woven. It might be a disaster. How many wearings will I get out of this before it snags on something and totally shreds? Place your bets now. In the meantime, I’ll be washing it in a lingerie bag and hanging it to dry. 
Plus side of the gauze is that it’ll keep the sun out and let the breeze in, with the printed cotton hopefully providing some stability, kind of like a yoke. I totally pieced that printed  fabric in, btdubs, that seaming at the back is not part of the original design.

The only other changes I made: an extra inch and a half in the sleeve length, three buttons at the front instead of the five the pattern calls for, and a shirt-tail hem instead of the straight hem. 

Ten and a half hours. That number is meaningless when it’s just me sewing for myself for fun, but if I had to pay myself for my time, hot dang this would be an expensive shirt. 
But anyway.

Sheer! So sheer! 

Sew It or Throw It:
Sew it. I like the fit: nice and loose. The narrow cuffs echo the narrow collar in a pleasing way. It’s good. 


19 thoughts on “Simplicity 5026: the shirt, not the jamaicas. 

  1. News to me that Jamaica wore Bermudas. Not like the Bermudians do, I’d say. And while I love your top and think the two fabric decision is masterful and beautiful, I want that Bermuda look. Knee socks, brogues, long shorts. I know I don’t really have the figure but I have seen some young Japanese girls look amazing in this sort of outfit.


    1. Ooh, masterful, thank you!
      The tall socks and long shorts look is temptingly crazy, isn’t it? I keep trying to imagine how to make it right. All in a charcoal window pane check? All in lipstick red? I’m not up for the risk.


  2. Great shirt, excellent fabric piecing, love it! I’m also enlightened by the Bermudas/Jamaicas thing- must ask the missus if anyone in her [Jamaican] family have ever heard it used. Kate- FFS don’t go near the shorts and socks and brogues look, people will think you’ve wandered out of the old folks’ home…you are NOT a Japanese teenager, and their fashion crimes are just for them, trust me!


  3. Those shorts, they are an odd looking thing, but that may just be the socks!
    I have to confess that I want, and would wear that green outfit in the corner, I love it.


    1. I like how the green outfit hints at the idea of using a heavy weight fabric for this shirt, and how the fabric choice could change this shirt’s function. Like, the white one looks like a soft ladylike blouse, but the green looks like it could be a cozy flannel overshirt, to wear while drinking hot chocolate after bringing in the firewood.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. #teamjamaicasandsocksandbrogues I believe you could do it! Personally I think that some pink and chocolate brown argyle socks would be the key. Potensh with grey jamaicas. Of course, there’s always the possibility I am stark raving mad. We only know each other on the internet after all ;-)


    1. Hahaha! But what if she was wearing patterned tights under the shorts and socks? So instead of bare knee you get a little window of stripes or lace or something?
      On further thought, no.
      Glad you like the shirt though.


  5. I love the shirt! The fabric combination makes it so much more special than I could have imagined based on that envelope depiction. That being said, I am mesmerized by the shorts/socks/loafers combo and really, really want to check my pattern stash for a similar thing. (Which is to say that when I saw the envelope I was all, “LOL FORGET THE SHIRT, GIMME THOSE APPROPRIATE SHORTS IN SEVERAL COLORS AND PATTERNS.”)


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