Simplicity 4760: summer shorts times five

The Pattern: 
Simplicity 4760 BOYS’ AND MEN’S PANTS AND SHIRT, copyright 2004 by Simplicity Pattern Co. Inc
This is my most used pattern: first the shirt, then shorts, then as pants with crocodile patches. 
This time I didn’t mess around though. Five pairs of shorts, made factory style, simple, fast, bam. 

The Fabric:
I pulled out all the random 1-yard-ish pieces of printed cotton from my shelf and used them up. I found five pieces, so he got five shorts. I am very satisfied with this. 
Starting with the top left we’ve got chickens, stars, Australian Aboriginal art, bottom left we have harvest vegetables (that one was bought to make a hilarious tablecloth, obviously, but never happened, because the reality of a loud tablecloth is not as fun as the idea) and fried eggs, which are from the same collection as the chickens: Ellen Krans for Robert Kaufman. 
I stack-cut them with no attempt at matching, here below is my favorite accidental match up: 

See it? That one two-toned chicken? Totally just happened that way Hahhahahahaa. 

The kid was really into the big spool of string I used to hang up all the shorts, that’s what he’s holding in the photo above. Really really wanted that big spool of string. Such a good helper. 

The blue star shorts, though, I am annoyed with. I’ve had this fabric on the shelf for years, why did I never make myself a pair of star shorts! Now that I see how they look, I am jealous! They should’ve been mine! Arg!!!!

He’s also wearing his State of California shirt. My husband made the graphic and printed it out on iron-on paper.

The harvest shorts crack me up the most. Although it’s a close race.  

Time and Construction: 
I made these factory style, which means I separated the work by process not by garment. So I cut them all, then made all the pockets, then set all the pockets on all the fronts, then closed all the inseams, then closed all the outseams, etc etc. All together this took 8 hours, divided by five pairs equals 1.6 hours per, so let’s call that just over an hour and a half per shorts. 
Good and fast. 
If I’d made a single pair, it probably would’ve taken like three hours, just because stuff always does. 
My dad happened to be napping on the couch the day I cut out all these shorts, and was woken up by what he thought was me chopping an insane amount of vegetables. Oh Scissor Noise, you give us the lols. 

Sew It or Throw It: 
Sew it. 


15 thoughts on “Simplicity 4760: summer shorts times five

  1. So fun to make shorts for the kiddos. Just finished a pair for my grandson with tee-pees and buffalo hunter indians on cool horses. Then made a matching bucket hat. He is just turning 5 and will love the roominess and of course the excellent large pockets. Gotta sew for them while they will wear this stuff! LOL! Love all the shorts you made. Favorite? Chicken shorts…but the eggs come in close 2nd!


    1. Excellent large pockets are fun for everyone! Fun for them for storage, fun for us for later discoveries, hopefully before the shorts go in the laundry and not after.
      I actually got a compliment on his shorts at the playground the other day, another mom was like, “are those…eggs?!!” Glad you like the chickens, it’s fun to learn what people like best.


    1. Good point about how this pattern is costing-out. I love to think about how things amortize.
      Let’s see, I bought this pattern full price, (I think, I’d have to go back and read my own post) and I’ve made eight things from it, so not quite under a dollar per garment yet. Better keep making things.
      Plus the fabrics. The first few things I made (shirt, shorts, pants) were all from thrifted or free fabrics, but the shorts fabrics were all purchased at full retails price. Years ago, but still full price. Not sure if time spent in my house magically changes “fabrics purchased with money” into “free fabrics”. I kind of think of it that way but it’s not really true.


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