McCall’s 6493: Goldendirndl. 

the pattern: This is McCall’s 6493, published in 1979. It calls itself a flared skirt, but what it really is, is a circle skirt with the option of gathered or smooth waist. 

the fabric: Gold satin spandex. Gold! Goooooooold!

This skirt pattern was not my first choice for this hilarious shiny loud aggressive possibly tacky gold fabric. What I wanted to make was this Halston skirt and cape as a sort of an armor, but the cape pattern was missing so I just labeled the Halston as CAPE MISSING, threw it (into the thrift donation bag) and moved on. 

To the Goldendirndl. 

Does this fulfill my armor-like intention? No. But it was very satisfying to make. Probably took three hours total, including cutting. It was going so quickly I didn’t bother keeping track of the time. I eliminated the zipper, gave it a pull on waist, and included the optional waist ties. 

It’s not even hemmed. I let the circle hang out, trimmed it, and reinforced the seam ends so they can’t open. 

I didn’t press the fabric either. The wrinkles will wash out. Or they won’t. Either way. This was post-election horror-sewing, it needed to be uncomplicated. I don’t feel any less horrified now. More actually. But it feels good to make something. 

This skirt is good and twirly. Borderline too twirly to be twirled, really. It’s a full circle, it will go completely horizontal if given enough spin. I learned this in my yard, not out in the world, thank goodness. 

Sew It or Throw It:

Sew It. It’s not really necessary to have a pattern for a circle skirt, since, duh, it’s a circle, but this pattern also has pockets (which I skipped) and a waist band, and the gathered versus flat waist, all that stuff, plus now that I have it I don’t even have to go to the minimal effort of marking out a circle on fabric, so I’ll keep it. And I like the amount of gathering in the gathered version. It’s a Sew. 


23 thoughts on “McCall’s 6493: Goldendirndl. 

    1. Ballroom shoes are so pretty. I don’t do ballroom, just lucked out one day at work when an actress decided not to keep her shoes. I love having these as a special thing in my closet, but rarely wear them, flats are more realistic in my world. I would have photographed this skirt with flats, but I somehow I don’t have any right now? Need to fix that before party season gets going, there’s no way I’m navigating cocktails, stairs, and party chat in heels.

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      1. Haha! Yes, I love all dance shoes. Character shoes are my actual fav, followed by ballet flats with soles. Practical and stylish! I do heels less and less now, mainly for performing. Flat shoes plus pj style clothes – the perfect crime!


        1. Character shoes are the best! I had a great Mary Jane style pair with a low, sturdy, unsexy heel that were super old and had been spray-painted silver. Also a lucky discard from work. I let them go when they fell apart, but now I wonder if I could’ve had the straps repaired and the buckle replaced and the insole replaced and fixed them forever. Shoe regrets!

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  1. Awesome. Now I want one. And it’s a gold skirt we’re talking about!
    You’re right about the amount of gathering. It’s spot on. That’s a clever pattern. Or clever you ;-)


    1. It’s pretty simple! Instead of a circle the size of your waist, it’s still a circle, just the size of your waist plus a half waist. Not that they weren’t geniuses, just, in this case, the idea seems trickier than it is.


  2. its only now after seeing it that I decided that gold full circle skirts should now go on the list of wardrobe stables – it really looks fun and fabulous!


  3. I love this. It does kind of look like armour – like a Greek godess or some other feminine person who will take no shit. Perfect for the post election world (except that nothing is perfect in the post election world, everything is terrible forever… wait, no. Don’t fall into despair!). It looks feminine and frivolous and tough all at the same time and I am SO into that. I love it.

    I think a good circle skirt pattern is the sort of thing I don’t feel is worth paying for because its so draftable, but actually is so handy. It’s not like drafting a circle is hard, but it IS annoying (esp for those of us with wider waists) and if you’ve got one with pockets and waistbands and other options like pleats or gathers, it makes it so easy to adjust other patterns using the tried and true circle skirt pattern you have and that you didn’t even need to crawl about on the floor for a half hour to make because the paper is too big for your table. Just me? Oh.


  4. I was expecting to hate this when I saw you contemplating it in a post-Trump rage. I love silver myself. But it worked out great. I love it. It is so swirly and (unbelievable) classy.


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