Simplicity 6568: overall cute

The pattern: Simplicity 6568, YOUNG JUNIOR/TEENS’ SHORT JUMPER AND OVERALLS, copyright 1974 Simplicity Pattern Co. 

Can you even believe the cuteness. 

I found this pattern about a month ago at a thrift shop. Usually I’ll pass on anything marked junior/teen, because who’s got the time to re-proportion that mess to an adult shape, but this overalls pattern had to be bought. Those pockets, and the way the bib swoops into a waistband around back, so seventies and good.

Once I got my treasure home, I remembered that there is a young junior/teen I’ve been wanting to make something for. And I had a set of overall buckles ready and waiting. I checked with her dad to make sure she likes to wear black, he said duh, so Bam!

Pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever made. 

The fabric: is black cotton canvas. Washed, so it’s more charcoal than black anymore. It’s awful stiff fabric. Terrible. Like cardboard. But I figure a cardboard-like quality is appropriate for overalls, especially in dress format. Makes the skirt stick out like a little bell, so cute. Anyway, I know it’ll soften up, this canvas is the same fabric I used for these stupid pants which I wear all the stupid time and have become stupid soft from wear. 

I used purple single-fold bias-tape to finish the curves along the sides of the bib and the hand-edges of the pockets. Also used it to finish the edges of the straps, you can see a little purple peeking out above the buckle.  

The hearts are ultrasuede with stitch witchery fused on the back, free cut, pressed on and zigzagged, same like this sweater. 

I completely guessed on size and style, so I included a note to her parents that if she hates it they can throw it in the fire. 

I made it about three inches shorter than patterned, for cuteness, but with a big hem turned up inside incase I was totally wrong on that. Other than that, this is as per patterned. 

I was surprised that the apple appliqué on the envelope art is not included. And surprised that the pattern has no pocket on the bib. I guess it’s aiming for more of a dressy look than a utilitarian look. Wait— a hammer loop! That’s what this little dress needs. 

Sew It or Throw It:

Sew It for ever and ever. This was so much fun to make. I hope she doesn’t throw it in the fire. 

Meanwhile if I ever do need one for myself, if everyone’s cute Cleo dungaree dresses on instagram put the whammy on me, this pattern has no bust darts or shoulders so re-proportioning it would be easy. 

Overall love! 


19 thoughts on “Simplicity 6568: overall cute

  1. irresistible. and totally teenage, especially with those giraffe legs! its probably the one time that the illustrations look especially real (hammer loop and hearts, what a combo!)


  2. So gorgeous! I have just finished cutting out a pair of overalls – pants not skirt – in lilac linen. I eagerly await your version of these. Perhaps we can be internet twins!


  3. […] Below is a progress shot, the snaps are magnetic purse closures which I had for no good reason, glad to put those to use. The webbing, also, had it in house for no good reason, glad to be putting to use. The extra canvas is from old laundry bags, and the black canvas at the bottom and back is left over from a bunch of other stuff, used most recently for those cute overalls.  […]


  4. Wow, this is such a cute piece and so beautifully made! I’m sure the kid was thrilled and if she wasn’t then she will when she’s older ;). I’d love to make one like it for myself :D. I may not be a teen anymore but who cares.


    1. This would be super cute on you! It’s a similar shape to your Late For Tea dress, which is super cute too, so it stands to reason.
      And yes, the kid in question likes the dress, although it is too big for right now. Her parents sent me pictures, including a hilarious picture of the dress standing up all by itself. That’s some heavy canvas!


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