McCalls M6992, with tiny workout ladies

The pattern is McCalls M6992, a raglan shirt designed for knit fabric.

This pattern not vintage, obviously, and is still in print (my copy is from 2014) and is pretty well documented online as far as your standard front-back-side construction views go, so I’m just going to share a couple arty pictures today.

Ok so the obvious point of this project was the fabric. I had one yard of this tiny-exercise-lady print knit, which I picked out a couple years ago as part of a prize for winning Best Bottoms in the Vintage Pledge competition.

I should put that on my resume.

It was my gold skirt that won btdubs, not, like, …well anyway.

The prize was a gift certificate to Girl Charlee and instead of buying usable yardage I just went 1-Yard Crazy and bought a bunch of 1 yard pieces and then they arrived and I was rich, rich I tell you, but then couldn’t really do anything with all my treasures.

So now is now, and I have paired the tiny exercise ladies with this silver tinsel knit, which I also had a stupid-small piece of, from a million years ago, which I fell in love with because I was a little rave kid at the time and anything silver was super attractive, so I kept this weird tiny piece of silver tinsel knit lo these many years.

The silver is really sheer though, and I wanted just a normal long sleeve raglan T that wouldn’t need elaborate layering, so I flat-lined the silver, which is only the front piece, with black knit from a cut-up T shirt, and then used more of the black knit for the cuffs and the shoulder caps and used the original T shirt neckband for my new shirt’s neckband.

So now I have a kind of odd silver-fronted raglan long sleeve T with sheer-ish sleeves and back, and black shoulder wings. It’s just right.

Sew It or Throw It:

Sew it. It’s a perfectly good pattern.

One weirdness though: the raglan sleeve has a dart from the neckline. I don’t like darts in knit, I think they refute the whole point of knit fabric, which is that knit fabric stretches and doesn’t require darting to go over curves.

So that frustrated me.

Also the optional shoulder cap detail isn’t seamed in, its meant to be laid over the darted raglan sleeve, stitched down, and then treated as one piece. I left mine free along the bottom edge, in part for fun and in part because if it’s going to be stitched down it would look way way better and less home made if it was seamed in and then topstitched rather than awkwardly applied.

Says me.

But it’s good pattern and I still give it a Sew.

Here are some other patterns I’m Throwing though, over to Etsy, if anyone’s pattern shopping today.

These are both patterns that I’ve used and talked about here, but am realizing I’ll never make again and I should set them free. Etsy shop is named Lazy Liza, have a look if you’re in the neighborhood.


2 thoughts on “McCalls M6992, with tiny workout ladies

  1. I love those tiny ladies too! and also have a small collection of a ‘should bought more’ fabrics – …. I did find some 1940 blouse patterns useful though…..


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