Teach Me How to Jerk

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pancocojams: How To Do The s Dances "The Jerk" & The "Cool Jerk"

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If you were in the party and everyone was dancing, [the gang members] would be doing the jerk.

As awesome as this routine is, it really isn't too hard once you get a feel for it. Pose, then bend your knees to drop down, lean back and make a 'boxing' stance, then push your arms out.

Word spread virally and organically — no managers, no radio, nothing. Footwork Hustle Jacking Vogue.

Solo rhythmically move freely on the dance floor. Don't have an account yet? You will receive emails containing news content , updates and promotions from The New York Times.

The dance went on to dominate the Internet and become one of the biggest Hip-Hop dance crazes ever. Knee Down Down ; Down Down left and right Knee up and slap it with your hand, then plant it down infront of you, then twist out and in on every other beat.

Teach Me How To Jerk

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Elements of Hip Hop

Dash taught himself to make beats on Garage Band while living in a group home in Watts. Retrieve it. But provided you have a modicum of rhythm, anyone can jerk. The rapper even released a YouTube tutorial for his fans that racked up millions of views! THINK globally, act virally. Soulja Boy was one of the pioneers of the viral Hip-Hop dance move. June accelerated into July and the media feeding frenzy intensified, morphing from an Internet and radio phenomenon to national television audiences.

Perhaps the most compelling thing about jerking, suggested Randall Roberts, the music editor of the L. Sampler synthesizer drums keyboard rapping. The viral move went viral for its simplicity and helped the song reach no. Create a new account. Log in Register. Most of their current material was recorded in Compton, at a spot only accessible after dodging barbed wire and vigilant security guards.