Causes of a Numb Thumb or Hand

Type 2 Diabetes American Diabetes Association Releases Standards of Care This year, the recommendations aim to help people living with diabetes become better advocates for their overall health.

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There are multiple conditions that cause numbness and tingling in legs, sometimes called pins and needles. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn. Think of the disks as jelly donuts.

Sometimes Depression Means Not Feeling Anything At All

Numb Hamilton says farewell to McLaren. Connect Vocabulary. For a diagnosis to be made, the person must also report at least four additional symptoms from a list that includes significant weight loss or weight gain, an inability to sleep or excessive sleepiness, physical restlessness or slowness "psychomotor agitation or retardation," in clinical terms , frequent fatigue or energy loss, feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt, indecision or a diminished ability to concentrate, and recurring thoughts of death or suicide.

Ferri FF. Get Started. John Kael Weston August 23, Synonyms and related words.

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Canals, rivers and ponds may look appealing to youngsters but within a shocking 30 seconds of falling into freezing water, the body can go numb and hypothermia sets in. We also know that depression can be devilishly impervious to happy events. My left arm went numb I was taking so much cocaine. Campbell-Walsh Urology. People are numb to these comments because of the Phil Robertson uproar. These words appear in red, and are graded with stars.

Related Words for numb indifferent , dazed , paralyze , stupefy , desensitize , dull , anesthetize , stupefied , frozen , callous , benumbed , paralyzed , detached , anesthetized , immobilize , benumb , blunt , frost , freeze , stun.

Why Does Type 2 Diabetes Cause Your Feet to Go Numb?

How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. Being emotionally unresponsive; indifferent. The year-old was sleeping when she woke up to find her hand going numb. Numb can also mean "to make insensitive," like when the dentist numbs your gums so you won't feel any pain. Make an appointment.

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This is where friends and family can help. Think of your spine as a series of bones connected by disks. The awkward case of 'his or her'. It can affect sleep, concentration, appetite, energy, memory, movement, and—as I know well from trying to write while depressed —a person's facility with language. The brain is a complex and crucial organ that represents humans' major evolutionary advantage over other animals, Spiegel tells me.