What Famous Person Are You Like ?

We feed on the positive energies you leave here so please keep your comments coming! Loading the image Let's Play! If you don't know who this Hollywood beauty is, it's probably because you grew up under a rock. If you're a fan of great movies, and we're sure that you are, you'll have this man's name written right above your heart. Not registered yet? I'm laid back, cool, and awesome B. With this being said, we'd be really shocked if one of you didn't pass this question with flying colors.

Yeah, I make sure that I look ok. Yeah, I'm pretty fussy about how I look. For a different spin to your run-of-the-mill school quizzes, have a go at this 8th grade test from or exam.

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If there's one thing that's for sure, it's that you'll never find this celeb acting in a mediocre movie. Depending on your individual tastes, you might be drawn towards specific movie genres. There are some actors who are so powerful and intense, that they can nail any scene that they are handed.

Prev Quiz Next Quiz. If you think you're up for the challenge, this could mean that you have what it takes to pass this quiz. Already have an account? What celebrity do you look like? Girls Only Repeat password. Save recently used selfies Grab images from Facebook and Instagram New sharing options. He has shed and gained weight for numerous roles, and never fails to put on a good show. Can you tell us what this man's name is in all certainty?

This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever. Faster image processing New layout. Jan 3, So, go ahead and tell us his name. In fact, you might even go as far as calling it stellar. Like us on Facebook! While she may have her diva-days, she tends to live life on the ground-level like most of us do.

What Famous Person are you?

Price Free. Despite all of this, we can't deny that this actress isn't all that and a bag of chips. Once this occured, however, his acting talents were not dismissed, and he was frequently contacted for some motion picture roles. It isn't everyday that we get to applaud an actor with such caliber, but today is one of them, so put your hands together and show some respect.

Remember me. Can you name her?

How to make a celebrity personality quiz

Chances are, if you have a favorite actor, you'll watch any movie that they are cast in — no matter what genre it is. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment.

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