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In all four of the above cases, a significant improvement over current methods is provided by this new and improved whipstock. Coupled with the development of measurement while drilling tools using mud pulse telemetry , networked or wired pipe or electromagnetism EM telemetry, which allows tools down hole to send directional data back to the surface without disturbing drilling operations , directional drilling became easier. Blount, et al. The check valve prevents release of pressure fluid from the actuator so that it maintains the linkage in the position shown in FIG.

Archived from the original on 14 February The whipstock includes a part formed by an elongated, generally cylindrical body member having a diameter such that it may be traversed through the tubing string A hydraulic cylinder-type actuator is disposed on the body member and is connected to an articulated linkage which is anchored at its lower end to the lower end of the body member Referring now to FIGS.

This includes the basic convex shapes described, and also could encompass various concave shapes, if it is desired to concentrate the longitudinal compressive forces into the center or core area of the filler material.

The whipstock also includes a stab member having a reduced diameter pilot part including a key portion adapted to fit into the socket of the mandrel 72 so that the key portion is aligned with and fitted in the keyway 77 to orient the whipstock with respect to the axis A method for installing a whipstock in a wellbore, said whipstock having a guide surface thereon for guiding a device to be inserted in said wellbore through a tubing string disposed in said wellbore and actuator means for moving said whipstock laterally with respect to the longitudinal axis of said wellbore upon exiting the distal end of said tubing string, said method comprising the steps of: Methods and apparatus for cementing drill strings in place for one pass drilling and completion of oil and gas wells.

The lead end of the wedge surface can be truncated with a slight bevel arrangement, as shown in FIG.

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A retaining plug is positioned in the apertures and and holds the guide ring in centered position on the end of the whipstock during the handling and lowering of the whipstock tool into the hole.

A whipstock tool as defined in claim 1 which further includes attaching means for lowering the tool into proper position in said drill hole so that said wedge-shaped body means can be permanently affixed in the desired location. A tool for use in directional drilling as defined in claim 20 wherein said guide means including a plurality of pins positioned in spaced relation around the circumference of said body, said pins being disposed in individual recesses in said body and having restraining means which hold the pins in extended position during positioning of the body but allows the pins to retract into the recesses when constant pressure is applied to the pin during bonding of the body to the surface of the hole.

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Hearn and also assigned to the assignee of the present invention. Horizontal directional drill rigs are developing towards large-scale, micro-miniaturization, mechanical automation, hard stratum working, exceeding length and depth oriented monitored drilling.

Thus, the inner face 76 of the compression member 72 also has a configuration which complements the inner face 78 of the whipstock In use, when the whipstock reaches the location where it is to be set, the plate makes contact with the obstruction or plug driving the retaining plug longitudinally into the whipstock Specifically, current methods of deviation when not drilling off the bottom often require cementing the hole to a depth above the junk or to a position where deviation is required.

As shown in FIG. This space limitation dictates that the diameter of the core 54 may be required to be as small as 2.

As indicated in FIG. USREE en. Click for automatic bibliography generation. During the operation to acquire one or more cores 54, gas can be injected into the space 26 and through the gas lift valves 38 into the production tubing string 22 to convey fluids through the tubing string 22 and to the conduit 36 through the wellhead 20 and to reduce the pressure in the bore 60 and the wellbore space 19 to a value below the nominal pressure in the formation The whipstock 16 is formed from a tough resilient polymeric material which has a relatively low coefficient of friction to permit the drill bit to pass easily down across the inner face.

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The angle of the face 76 of the compression member 72 is the same or nearly the same as the angle of the face 78 of the wedge-shaped whipstock As part of basic coal chemistry research, numerous studies have been published on the swelling characteristics of coals by liquids and gases.

Other features of this invention will appear in the following description and appended claims, reference being made to the accompanying drawings forming a part of the specification where like reference characters designate corresponding parts in the several views. One of the most advantageous recovery methods to evolve through technological progress is the process of drilling coal and shale seams multi-laterally. Apparatus for drilling laterally deviating bores from a vertical bore below a casing set therein.