How to Do Your Own Prom Makeup

If you want a more dramatic, fierce, and sexier look, then this prom makeup tutorial is more of your fancy. Create your perfect guy in just three fun steps! Plus, shadows will apply smoother and more vibrantly. Prom Perfect Makeup Take this proposal to get ready a beautiful princess and try your best in this makeup game. Use a sponge later blend out the concealer with the rest of your base makeup.

To make sure your hair is picture perfect and your makeup smudge-free we've got 50 beauty tips you won't want to take on prom without. Apply concealer under the eyes to hide dark circles. Unless you want to look like a baby doll in a horror movie, all-over application is key. Here are what you need to get this look: Get a dark brown and put it in the outer area of your eye. You can even add a few drops of serum for extra skin nourishment. Practice your make up skills with this too cute Run a dryer sheet over your strands to minimize static.

The highlighted areas will make your face glowing. Dab painter's tape on your skin to gently lift them off. As you can see there are many features this game brings and you are going to go through all of them to ob Then wipe away with a damp cloth. You can use a brow pencil, dip brow, or brow powder to do this.

Prom Perfect Makeup - Girl Games

Perfect Your Skin Tone Perfecting your skin tone can be more important than eye makeup. For example, a blue dress can look awesome with a pop of orange lipstick, a purple dress will look stunning with smoldering, golden eyes. You run a fancy hairdressing saloon and you have to make all the teen stars look great but watch out, they are pretty picky about their hairstyles.

Once you've found the correct placement, lightly trace the line of the Q-Tip with another cotton swab tip coated in bronzer. Um, genius. Rabanal suggests lining your eyes as usual on the top and bottom, then drawing the flick of the cat-eye while your eyes are open, so you know exactly what the wing will look like when you're done. Avoid piling on powder, which can look cakey. Makeup for a prom event should be elegant and glamorous. An eye primer or eyebrow base will help keep your eye makeup stay longer.

Just dampen the stain with a little bit of water and use a cloth to rub in the shaving cream. Yes, you can stretch something as simple as setting, transparent, translucent powder to finish the look. Wearing your hair down? Can you help Twilight Sparkle with her hair and make-up? I would find a local nail salon and make an appointment to discuss what you want to have done. Use the lighter one on the lid and the darker in the brow bone, and blend them well.

Apply one shade all over your mouth, and then dot-and-blend a lighter color in the middle of your lips.