Gluing Polycarbonate

And I'm very aware that cleaners can be the problem. I'd suggest mechanical fasteners like rivets or torq head bolts. My ports are all cast acrylic and are 17 years old and looking great. Mark Forums Read.

Bonding Polycarbonate with Industrial Adhesives Surface Preparation

Generally, the polyurethane bond of the present invention has more than 10 times the tensile strength of a typical silicone adhesive, and about twice the elongation, thereby allowing the polyurethane bond to absorb more energy upon impact. Epoxy resin adhesives will bond all woods, aluminum and glass well.

Click for automatic bibliography generation. Scigrip 42 is a water clear two component acrylic glue with exceptional strength and ease of use. There was this stuff I used for an arrow making project called Fletchtite, or something similar. Jul 6, Posts: Works very well If you can have a flexible joint.

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Bonding and glueing acrylic and Plastics

For applications where ultimate structural strength and environmental resistance is the prerequisite, Scigrip offer a range of premium quality structural adhesives based on their novel patented chemistry.

That's what I used for mine. Display List of Vendors. If you do go with Lexan don't use 3M , apparently it reacts with the lexan and thats not good. A metal retainer is adhered to a polycarbonate surface with a polyurethane adhesive composition which comprises an isocyanate terminated polyester urethane prepolymer which is crosslinked with a trifunctional isocyanate reactive compound to form a flexible high strength bond.

Pingbacks are Off. Jun 6, Posts: Reckless Registered User. Polycarbonate has thousands of applications, from CD manufacture to aircraft cockpit canopies, but the largest user of polycarbonate is the construction sector, where is a replacement for glass.

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