When Can I Expunge My Maryland Criminal Record

PBJ: Maryland Lawyer explains “Probation Before Judgement”

There are instances where the Probation Before Judgment occurred more than 10 years before the defendant applied for federal employment and because the defendant had a unique area of expertise, he was employed by the federal government in spite of the PBJ but this is a rare occurrence.

Back to Top What are the advantages of just paying the ticket? It is possible your insurance company will learn about matters that resulted in a PBJ.

Probation before judgment. Advanced Job Search. Call Fred today at for a free initial consultation. Recent posts. City, state, or zip code. For purposes of your driving record, paying the ticket will have the same consequences as pleading guilty or being found guilty.

Forums are open to the public. It is important for the defendant to understand that probation is this period of time where the defendant is going to be supervised by the court system. Contact Fredric G.

Popular Tags expungement law. If you fail to appear at the compliance hearing, a warrant for your arrest for failure to appear will be issued. Pls r u able to get a job.

If you are found to have complied with all conditions, the Court will dismiss the action against you and you will not have a conviction on your record.


Probation before judgment for a DUI or related drunk driving offense cannot be expunged in Maryland. Beth in Plano in Plano, Texas said: If you are charged with a TITLE 7 offense , you are not eligible for PBJ if you have been convicted of a Title 7 offense within five years of the date of the alleged offense.

The Probation Before Judgement Statute, Criminal Procedure , was updated several years ago to allow a person to be sentenced to a period of incarceration as a condition of the Probation Before Judgement.

However, it is up to the probation agent to decide the level of contact and how often the defendant needs to make contact with the probation officer. Joe Gagill in Monticello, New York 70 months ago. Since a PBJ is not a conviction, the defendant can truthfully say he or she has never been convicted of a crime. Home Disclaimer Contact Us. If you do not pay a minor trafficticket, or request a hearing, the MVA may send you a warning that you failed to pay the fine.

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