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Real Characters: Coach Herman Boone, Remember the Titans – ELGL

I called Amps to ask about all the puffery in his promotional materials. This page was last edited on 10 January , at Not long after the release of Remember the Titans , the uplifting blockbuster about the integration of the T. Those two relationships give a micro view to the movie's bigger process of a team, and a town, that attempts to navigate race relations shortly after the heat of the civil rights movement.

The T. Bertier's numbers, via Paspatis's record-keeping, seem the stuff of fiction: The Herman Boone Trophy is awarded to the winning team of the U. My agenda is just to give an accurate history lesson. Paspatis has never quibbled about the greatness of that Titans team, which destroyed opponents all year long, going and posting a scoring differential, with nine shutouts. Or he might give an icy glare to a lieutenant who has crossed him in public but save his berating for behind closed doors.

February 24, The Titans became one of the best teams in Virginia, compiling a record and going on to win the state championship. Machado signs with the Padres, is it a good thing? IMDb Everywhere. Surging Teams Meet in Chapel Hill. The Titans' best player, linebacker Gerry Bertier, had been a starter two seasons earlier for the regional champion team from Hammond High, one of the consolidated schools.

Because of that built-in competitive advantage, local athletic commissioners agreed to shift T. No such split took place, but the Great Falls coaches never followed through.

I've been an admirer ever since.

After all Having integrated schools in the city of Alexandria, Virginia consolidated all high school students into T. Barack Obama opened a rally in the gym by thanking Boone for coming and saying he was honored to have him around because the movie made "men cry.

Out of head coaches at the Football Bowl Subdivision level, 13 are African-American, about 10 percent. The Muse. We are working to restore service. All the teams that Williams High played were integrated as well, so there is no actual proof this ever happened.

He took over the T. NO, this never happened. He helmed the school's talented team of football players as they made their way to the State Championship that year. There was no state tournament that season.