This lack of flair marred Taft's presidency; according to Lurie, Taft "was boring—honest, likable, but boring". New York Times. Attorney General and Secretary of War. In this position he traveled to England to study the procedural structure of the English courts and advocated the introduction and passage of the Judiciary Act of in the United States.

Chase — Washington — Moore — W. Taft, a Unitarian, was a leader in the early 20th century of the favorable reappraisal of Catholicism's historic role. As many of Roosevelt's reforms stemmed from proposals by Bryan, the Democrat argued that he was the true heir to Roosevelt's mantle. When the court reconvened on January 6, , Taft had not returned to Washington, and two opinions were delivered by Van Devanter that Taft had drafted but had been unable to complete because of his illness.

Bryan, both in that address and in his campaign , strongly advocated free silver , a policy that Taft saw as economic radicalism. Fairbanks Robert M.

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In , Taft began a fight to get the court a building, and two years later Congress appropriated money to purchase the land, on the south side of the Capitol. One classmate described him succeeding through hard work rather than being the smartest, and as having integrity. The conference report passed both houses, and Taft signed it on August 6, Retrieved February 26, By , they were meeting regularly, and in , after an initial rejection, she agreed to marry him. Offices and distinctions.

While the fabled cherry trees in Washington represent a suitable monument for Nellie Taft, there is no memorial to her husband, except perhaps the magnificent home for his Court—one for which he eagerly planned.

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Assistant Postmaster General Frank H. Franklin MacVeagh — Secretary of Treasury. When opponents sought to modify the tariff bill to allow for an income tax, Taft opposed it on the ground that the Supreme Court would likely strike it down as unconstitutional, as it had before.

Roosevelt called for "elimination of corporate expenditures for political purposes, physical valuation of railroad properties, regulation of industrial combinations, establishment of an export tariff commission, a graduated income tax" as well as "workmen's compensation laws, state and national legislation to regulate the [labor] of women and children, and complete publicity of campaign expenditure".

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It is not clear when Taft met Helen Herron often called Nellie , but it was no later than , when she mentioned in her diary receiving an invitation to a party from him. Due to a winter storm that coated Washington with ice, Taft was inaugurated within the Senate Chamber rather than outside the Capitol as is customary. Philander C.

Taft sought to make the Filipinos partners in a venture that would lead to their self-government; he saw independence as something decades off. The funeral of William Taft was the first funeral of a president to be broadcast on radio.