Previous Post Tutorial: If someone you know has a test card page of dots photo that worked for their calibration and is the same camera as yours, you can use their photo to import and calibrate.

PixScan Mat Camera Calibration – Training for Silhouette Studio® & the CAMEO & Designs for Everyone

Once the password has been submitted, the selected content will be downloaded to the library. Your subscription has expired. Make sure the blade setting is correct for the material type in use. I Cannot Edit Text in My Text Design If you click on your text and you can no longer edit it as text, you have turned your text into an object.

Search for: Repeat this and follow the prompts. Turn your Silhouette off. The blade is not seated all the way down in the holder. This indicates that there is another USB device such as a printer that is trying to communicate with the Silhouette. This can be the cause when your cut appears to not fully cut through, even when you are using the proper settings. Prior to locking the blade back into place, twist and push the blade down to make sure it is seated all the way down in the holder while holding the lock lever in place so that the blade does not tap up and down.

Sometimes it is wrongly blamed on position. The motor is stuck generally due to unremoved packing tape. If the mat has lost its adhesive quality either overall or in select areas of the mat and is not holding the material firmly in place during the cutting process, the cutting mat will need to be replaced. This should correlate with how thick the material is.

If a cutting mat is in use, then ensure the material is placed onto the mat exactly as shown on the computer screen. Using a PixScan mat can be so advantageous, but sometimes completing that camera calibration can be frustrating. Post a Comment. If your material is on a cutting mat and appears to be drifting or moving around on the mat even though the mat itself is securely in place try the following: If materials have been used without the cutting mat and the Force setting Thickness in older versions too high, the cutting strip may have been inadvertently damaged.

My Cutting Mat Is Drifting During Cutting If your cutting mat is drifting during the cutting operation and is not held in place properly by both of the white pinch rollers, the concern usually caused by one of the of the following: This problem is a large data stream is being sent to the Silhouette machine. Unlimited Users Included. In the event of a computer crash, computer replacement, or reformatting, after re-loading the software onto the computer, you may recover as follows:.

Cut lines that have had the line style enabled to print the actual line. Posted by Sandra Alicante at Click outside of the image so that it is no longer selected.